By AlexJames

Pro tips to know the right size of your wedding ring

A wedding ring is the symbol of your love and it going to sparkle on your finger forever. So, it makes total sense that it should be of the perfect size. After all, it’s terrible to think of losing your ring in a sink while washing hands, or even worse, having it cut off your blood circulation. To avoid these situations, you need to know the right size. And today we have brought for you some prop tips that will help you know the right size of your wedding ring. So, let’s begin.

Existing ring technique

This is probably the easiest way. Find a ring that already fits you well. Wear it for a day to be sure that it fits well to the extent of wearing it regularly. Then, using a ruler, measure the inner diameter of the ring. You can compare this measurement to a printable size chart. Or you can even give these exact measurements to the jeweller so they can make a ring that will fit perfectly. It is important to note here, that if you choose a different metal that is thicker than the existing ring and bigger stones like a diamond wedding ring London, then the same size might still not fit very well. So that is one thing to consider too.

Thread technique

Let us suppose you do not have an existing ring that fits you well. What then? Here’s the answer, and a very simple one in fact. Take a piece of thread and wrap it around your ring finger. Hold it snug, just as tight as you want the ring to be and cut it right at the point where it meets the other end. Now you can measure this length with a ruler to determine the diameter. This is an old technique when people did not have any instruments or the internet to quickly check sizes and make jewellery accordingly.

Use a size chart

Print a size chart from the internet and cut the sizes. Fit all of them one by one into your finger and see which one feels snug and comfortable. That is most likely the right size. As mentioned above, you can also use the size chart to measure an existing well-fitting ring to ensure it is indeed the correct size. Check the number for that size and you can have a new one made in that number. Having a size number to tell the jeweller makes it much easier as compared to other old school methods.

Resizing your ring

It is no mystery that the size and shape of our hands and fingers keeps changing as we put on or lose weight and as we age. So, you might need to resize your ring a few times at least. It is important to know that the jeweller can only resize rings up to one or two sizes smaller or bigger. Any more than that and the ring might lose its original look, or you may have to get a new one made entirely. Also, fully studded rings like diamond infinity ring with eco diamonds can barely be resized; maybe just half a size so keep that in mind while buying a wedding ring in the first place.

Final Thoughts

DIY methods may not always give you the right results so we still suggest you to get your ring size measured from a professional jeweller. After all, wedding rings are expensive and if you are going to be spending so much on a symbol that’s going to be worn forever, it needs to be picture perfect.