A good story goes beyond the production cost of a film


If you have a good story, there’s no reason why you shouldn’t make an independent film. With the right filmmaking techniques, the right script, the right people working with you, and relatively little money, you can make a low-budget film that can compete with the best festivals in places like Cannes, Toronto, Telluride. , and the Sundance Film Festival. If your story is interesting enough, people will forget that the production value is a bit contested.

There are people all over the world who never give up on their dream of making a movie, despite the difficulties that exist outside of the mainstream film industry. He is a passionate filmmaker who believes that anyone with a compelling story has the right to tv commercial production Winter Park FL. Through their struggles, these die-hard filmmakers came up with a cheaper way to make movies. This revolution was born out of frustration with decades of the creative voices of major film studios favoring commercialism over creativity.

The commercialism associated with the films

Released by the major Hollywood studios today is very frustrating for anyone who considers their work to be art. Nowadays, movies are tested first to make sure that studios that invest hundreds of millions of dollars will not lose money. This kind of testing tends to reduce the field to a few invested types of films, meaning there is no room for new ideas. A true artist will not be happy if there are restrictions on methods and subjects.

While the film industry is a combination of story and commerce, the story part is always the most important part for the audience. Major movie studio heads seem to have forgotten this fact as they continue to produce films with style rather than substance. People would rather watch a good movie with low production value than a bad movie with high production value.

Talent and a good plot are generally worth more to moviegoers than expensive looks.

If you can just make a good story for a movie and send it to a film festival, people will notice. If your film gets some buzz, it can lead to a distribution deal worth many times the money invested.

After you have completed all the steps in the film production process, you need to find a place where the film will be shown to the public. There’s this thing called the film festival circuit, and it’s the last bastion of hope for people who want to make independent films. Sure, celebrities and big studios have recently invaded major events like Toronto, Cannes, and the Sundance Film Festival, but they still make room for the little ones. Independent filmmakers are still the focus of film festivals, despite the amount of publicity they receive.

A movie like The Blair Witch Project is a great example of how a low budget movie but a smart story can be big. This very independent film was a huge hit at the Sundance Film Festival in the late nineties, and it’s all because of the plot. The film was shot and edited on video and transferred to 16mm film only for the print required for festival screenings. The independent filmmaker who made this film only spent about $40,000 to make it and get it ready for Sundance. The production values ​​are very poor, but people can’t stop talking about the ending of the story. It received a lot of publicity and was later sold to a major film studio for $1.5 million. The studio made $150 million on the film when it was blown up to 35mm and distributed to theaters nationwide.

Film festivals are the playground for all actors in the film industry.

It’s a strange connection between those who are hungry to get into the film industry and those who have had too much and just want to be a little less full of it. He waited the days when filmmaking was more of an art form and less commercial. The result is that they embrace independent filmmakers in their raw form. If that happens, there is always a chance that one of the minors could be noticed and honored by the big players. If that happens, it will be because of the film’s plot, not its production value.

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