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A Log Siding Cabin for Your Get-Away Needs

So many of us have dreamed of a log cabin in the woods or on the lake but have never gotten around to building one. In addition to the usual reasons for wanting a get-away retreat, thousands of Americans now work remotely from home. For many of them, it does not matter where they live because they work online with computers and digital devices.

Log cabins can be thought of as either part-time or full-time residences. Many individuals and families are downsizing their homes to smaller and less expensive dwellings. Switching to log cabin living has its rewards and has become a growing trend in several countries. Others simply want a place for vacations and weekend fun. Here are some reasons you might consider turning this dream into a reality.

Why Most People Want a Get-Away Cabin

Although we are social creatures, there comes a time when we want to live a simpler life either part-time or full-time. Many who have turned to log cabin living styles report these reasons:

  • Escaping the daily grind and stress
  • Experiencing the scenery and nature
  • Getting closer by spending quality time with others
  • Unplugging from the digital world
  • Being active: hiking, boating, fishing, chopping firewood
  • Holding family reunions

For some Americans, work-life is financially rewarding but the stress really builds up by the end of the week. They need a break and experiencing beautiful scenery and other parts of nature help take the edge off. Getting out of your usual routine allows us to spend time getting to know others in different ways. Being a bit more active at the cabin is physically and mentally healthful and just plain fun.

All-Time Favorite Log Siding Cabin Design

If you are building instead of buying a log cabin, you cannot go wrong with the all-time favorite layout. It is a simple rectangular design with one floor with or without a basement. It is constructed with conventional framing and the walls are covered with pine or cedar log siding. The fewer corners and ells, the less it costs to build. A half or full second floor is nice but if you do not need the space, do not spend the money.

A log siding cabin floor plan needs these essential areas to be efficient:

  • An open floor plan
  • Working kitchen and dining area
  • Ease of mobility from room to room
  • Den or great room
  • Two or three bedrooms
  • Two bathrooms
  • Storage space

Other rooms or areas are nice but may not be essential for your needs. Don’t forget a front or back porch or both to sit and enjoy the outdoors.

“Switching to log cabin living has its rewards and has become a growing trend in several countries. Others simply want a place for vacations and weekend fun.”


Log Siding Cabin: Exterior and Interior

The perennial favorite log siding cabin has either quarter log, half log, or premier log siding on both the exterior and interior walls. This combination replicates a full log structure without the full log cost. Its tongue and groove with the end-matching design make tight joints and are fast and easy to install. 

Add log trim around the doors and windows, your favorite furniture and appliances, and amenities, and you have that dream getaway cabin. This cozy and rustic cabin has a gorgeous ceiling with lots of windows to brighten it up. The log siding can be stained and sealed to colors of your choice or use pre-finished log siding to save much time and labor.

Log Siding Cabin Exterior – Knotty Pine Interior

A second popular log cabin design is knotty pine interior walls with exterior log siding. This dual wall combination provides two beautiful displays of wood for those who want variety. The character of knotty pine paneling is amazing with its colorful knots and grain patterns.

Knotty pine tongue and groove paneling are available in several widths and lengths in unfinished or pre-finished condition. You can also use it for ceilings and interior deckings. It is easily installed with a nail gun and its design creates virtually zero waste.

Knotty pine paneling benefits are worth examining. 

Finishing Touches for Your Log Siding Cabin

There are many finishing touches to add to your log siding cabin for both the exterior and interior. The Log Home Shoppe supplies those favorites, including:

  • Exterior log trim
  • Exterior log corners
  • Peeled logs
  • Interior trims and molding
  • Pine floors
  • Pine doors

Put it all together and you have a fabulous weekend or vacation get-away log cabin. You may like it so much you may decide to live there permanently!

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