By AlexJames

A simple and functional way to make money on YouTube

The method I will describe is one of the easiest ways I know to make money on YouTube. If you master the process, you may even begin to see results within a few days. But this method is not any method where you can earn money on YouTube by pressing. A button and the money starts flowing into your bank account, it needs work. The good news is that the things you need to do to make money on YouTube are simple. Enough that anyone without experience can do them without much effort. As always with internet marketing techniques. Don’t be afraid to add your own twist to it, as this will allow you to improve.
This method isn’t fancy, but it’s tried and tested – the basics are to find videos associated. With a numbered product on the first page when we search for “product name + change”. Then what we were going to do was hijack the charts with our video.

Find the product you want to promote:

This could be Click Bank or another product information. Product where you have access to affiliate programs. If we want to make money on YouTube, the most important thing is that the product actually sells.
Do keyword research: We need to target buyer keywords because our marketing task is much. Easier if your prospect is already in buying mode – for example:
  • Product name + discount
  • Product name + review
  • Sale + product name

Product name + scam (generally this is the best way to sell Click Bank info products)

To make money on YouTube, it is recommend that you only target keywords that have at least 300. EXACT monthly local searches – you can find this out using the Google Keyword Tool. Whether to go lower than that depends on keyword competition. If there’s no competition, you’ll need 150 exact local searches per month to make money on YouTube to MP3
Watch the competition: If the competition is too high, you won’t be able to make money on YouTube. Do a Google search for your chosen keywords. Then see how many videos rank on the first page. If there are more than 3 videos on the first page, you need to skip those keywords and try another option. If there are no more than 3, you need to check how many views each video. Received – they can’t have more than 20,000 total views and no more than 200 backlinks. If they have less than 200 backlinks, they should be easy to rank. The lower the number of backlinks, the easier it is to rank higher than your competition. Backlinks can be check using Traffic Travis. The last thing we need to do is watch an already completely sequenced video. Does it have a lot of bad and negative comments or is it one of those dirty amino style videos? If it has these aspects, it will make your job of dealing with it easier.
Create a video: The best video type for this method is a review style video. Here are some points to keep in mind when creating videos.

Study a video and write a review of about 500-1000 words.

Use Windows Movie Maker to create a slideshow with a few images of the product. You are reviewing and read the product review using only the review you wrote.
Create a good review focusing on the benefits of the product. Being review and how the video will help the viewer.
To gain the trust of the viewer, make the review authentic. And discuss the negative aspects of the product.
Upload the video to YouTube:
Put keywords in the title, description and tags use relevant (LSI) keywords. If the video is already on the front page, study the tags and use the same in your video. Enter the partner link

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