Buying Guide for Pool Tables


Who doesn’t love a good pool game? If you’re looking to get in on the action, you’ll want to ensure you have the right equipment. This is why choosing the right pool table is important in playing a professional game. You have a lot of choices to make, like what size and type you want.

There are also a lot of different types of materials available, from wood to composite materials. You can know more about how these furniture pieces are made when you click here. Here are some tips to help you choose the right one for your needs.

  1. Room Measurements

You need to measure the room where you’re planning to play. The tables should have plenty of space around them, and the people playing should have enough room to move. Write the width and length of the room and choose accordingly. The people should be able to handle the cues without hitting the wall.

The sizes recommended are around 8×4 ft., although others might prefer the smaller ones. It’s not fun when the cue keeps poking the walls, and you should also get the ones that weigh 550 to 100 pounds. If this is what you choose, they should be ideal for downstairs playing and not something you should place in an attic or upstairs room.

  1. Research the Aesthetics Well

You might want to accommodate the children or consider professional play. Either way, you may consider


Watson’s cheap pool tables and any other pool tables that won’t break the bank. The smaller ones make it easier for young ones to play, which can be an excellent family hobby.

If you’re someone competitive, choose the ones with a slate surface, frames made of solid wood, and rubber cushions. The aesthetics should not be stunning, but they should be good enough to attract playing.

  1. Set a Budget

The costs of these tables can be different depending on the manufacturer. You can research online and consider the size, materials, and designs that come with them. Set your budget ahead of time and see if you can afford the high-end ones and the bells and whistles.

Many affordable pool tables can cost between $500 to $1500, but you might also want to get the $10,000 if you have the budget. The particleboards are the cheapest, but they tend to warp after some time, and their legs might become wobbly. Still, this is something considered to be a great choice by many families because they are more cost-effective than others.

With professional and serious games, a table that costs around $1,600 to $4,000 might be a good option as they are made up of long-lasting and high-quality materials. Those who prefer the heirloom tables might want to invest around $15,000 and other customizations to hand it down to future generations.

  1. Get Advice from the Professionals

Some people consider their pool tables to be personal, looking for fine construction and high-quality materials. You might want to talk to a professional to ensure you choose the right one. The gold standard for the frame is hardwood, but they can be expensive.

If you’re going to need cleaning supplies, know what your options are. You need to determine the associated costs like set-up, installation, and other ancillary expenses.

Other Factors to Look For

When you are ready to buy a pool table, there are a few important things to consider. The table is not only big and expensive, but it needs to be the right size for your space and needs. You also need to consider what kind of game you want to play and which features are important to you.

Buying your equipment for billiards can be a big investment, so doing your research first is important. Here are some tips for finding the perfect table for your home:

  • Take measurements of your room and the space around it. This will help you determine the size that you need.
  • Consider what kind of game you want to play. Pool tables come in various shapes and sizes, so make sure you find one that is compatible with your interests and skills.
  • Think about what features are important to you.

Maintenance Tips

Since this is a valuable piece of furniture that can last many years if cared for correctly, you might want to take care of it as soon as you have it. The following are some tips for keeping your pool table in top condition:

  • Clean the surface once a week using a commercial cleaner and a brush. Let the table dry before playing again.
  • Do not use wax or polish on the wood. This will only increase the wear and tear on the wood. Consider getting it professionally cleaned once in a while for the best results.
  • Never use chemicals to clean the surfaces as these could damage the surface. Instead, use warm water and a damp cloth to remove dirt and dust and to keep the table in pristine condition.


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