Chantal Compagnon – Charles Sobhraj’s Former Wife

Chantal Compagnon relationship with Charles Sobhraj is complicated. Sobhraj, who was born in Vietnam, married a devout Catholic French woman from France.
Chantal Compagnon relationship with Charles Sobhraj is complicated. Sobhraj, who was born in Vietnam, married a devout Catholic French woman from France.

If you are interested in learning more about Charles Sobhraj’s former wife, Chantal Compagnon, you have come to the right place. Read on to learn about Chantal’s relationship with Sobhraj and her career. Chantal was a talented actress who was married to Sobhraj for a brief period in 1969.

Charles Sobhraj’s former wife

Chantal Compagnon met Charles Sobhraj at a party in Paris, which they both attended. After their marriage, they planned to lead a sober lifestyle, but Charles soon got involved in theft again. In 1973, he was arrested for a jewel heist at the Asoka Hotel in Mumbai. Chantal helped him escape by drugging prison guards and pretending to have appendicitis. The marriage was unpopular in Compagnon’s family, as her parents were conservative Catholics.

After getting married in 1970, Chantal Compagnon left France to travel to Asia. At the time, Chantal Compagnon was pregnant. The couple had their first child together in Mumbai. But the pair returned to petty crime soon after, when Chantal and Charles were arrested for car theft. Afterward, Chantal gave birth to Usha Sobhraj.

Chantal Compagnon’s role in escaping prison

Chantal Compagnon’s role is often overlooked in the story of a French man who escaped prison. In the late 1960s, a French gangster named Charles Sobhraj tried to rob a jewelry store in India and ended up falling into the police’s hands. However, he was able to return to freedom quickly. Chantal Compagnon played a crucial role in Sobhraj’s escape. In 1970, he met Chantal Compagnon, a Frenchwoman who hailed from a conservative Catholic family.

Chantal left for Kabul, Afghanistan, in 1973. She had been imprisoned in France for failing to pay a hotel bill. Later, she married Sobhraj and moved to the US with their daughter, Sandrine. After escaping prison, Chantal took up work in the music industry and had a daughter, Sandrine. She also worked at the Manhattan Institute for Policy Research, which pioneered the “Broken Windows” theory of policing. Her previous jobs included working in the Criminal Intelligence Bureau and the Counter-Terrorism Bureau.

Chantal’s career

Chantal Compagnon left Europe in 1970 to travel to Asia with her brother Charles. Both had ties to organized crime and were involved in the looting of tourists. The couple decided to stop their criminal activities in Mumbai, and they adopted a child named Usha Sobhraj. They also became involved in car theft and smuggling enterprises, and in 1971, they fled to Afghanistan with their daughter.

Chantal Compagnon met Charles at a party. He introduced himself as a wealthy man from Saigon. He told Chantal about his exploits in the Orient and Dakar. Chantal was already in a relationship with another woman named Chantal Desnoires when Charles proposed to her. The couple’s relationship was delayed for about eight months, as Charles was imprisoned in Kabul for car theft. However, her parents eventually approved of their relationship. The two were married eight months later, and Chantal gave birth to Usha.

Chantal’s parents

Chantal Compagnon’s parents met in Kabul, Afghanistan, in the early 1970s. They were both involved in criminal activity, and Chantal’s father reportedly had connections to arms smuggling. The couple had two daughters, Usha and Sandrine, and settled in Litchfield, Connecticut. After Chantal’s divorce from Sobhraj, she pursued work in the music industry. She later gave birth to her second daughter, Sandrine. After Chantal’s divorce from Sobhraj, she worked in the music industry, and in the next decade, she also served at the Manhattan Institute for Policy Research. She also worked at the Center on Policing Terrorism and had various other jobs.

Chantal Compagnon’s parents were a former criminal named Charles Sobhraj. He was once pictured wearing a swimsuit in a photo with Chantal Compagnon. He and Chantal were married in 1969 and became parents in 1971. Sobhraj continued to engage in criminal activity after they divorced. They probably went on to travel to Kabul, Afghanistan, where Sobhraj became involved in illegal firearms smuggling. Chantal and Charles met a gun smuggler.

Her relationship with Charles Sobhraj

Chantal Compagnon relationship with Charles Sobhraj is complicated. Sobhraj, who was born in Vietnam, married a devout Catholic French woman from France. But their love affair was not without scandal. Sobhraj was arrested while driving a stolen vehicle on the day he proposed to Compagnon. After serving eight months in prison, he was able to marry Compagnon.

In 2021, the BBC and Netflix aired a series about Sobhraj. In the series, Chantal was renamed Juliette Voclain, and she was played by English-French actress Stacy Martin. Charles Sobhraj also admitted to killing the victims.

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