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Extend Your iPhone Battery With Cell Phone Repair Garden City

Almost everyone who owns an iPhone finds their battery lacking at some point. Optimising your iPhone is necessary because it will increase the battery’s life span and improve its usage. You can prevent unwanted battery draining by keeping your phone optimised. FixitPro, a cell phone repair in Garden City, provides several ways to optimise your iPhone and save its battery. The great news is that you can implement these steps on any model of iPhone. Let’s see what we have here.

Extend your Battery With Screen Brightness

Optimising and adjusting screen brightness is the first thing to look for if you are experiencing battery issues. You can change the auto lock settings or turn your iPhone into dark mode to see if the battery is working fine. You can swipe down from the top and adjust the brightness level to manage brightness. You can also select auto-brightness if you want your iPhone to adjust its brightness according to the light. For that, go to settings, accessibility, display and brightness and toggle auto-brightness on. Sometimes people habitually increase the brightness and don’t notice that this might be the culprit behind battery drain. 

Auto Lock

If you notice that your battery is draining fast, you can set your iPhone’s auto-lock feature. When you turn it on, your iPhone automatically locks itself when it is not in use to save your battery. If it is not turned on, your phone screen will remain on, which will drain your battery. Go to settings, display, auto-lock and change the auto-lock time to 30 seconds. You’ll notice a clear difference.

Keep Checking the Battery Health To Prevent Draining.

iPhone provides you with a feature where you can keep a check on the battery’s health. When you go to the settings and battery health, you can look at it and see if its functioning is optimal. If the battery health is more than 80%, your battery health is good, but if it has dropped below 80%, you have to consider replacing it. It is recommended by cell phone repair in Garden City to be careful while charging your phones. The charging routine is very important, and the phone must be charged between 40-80% minimum. Cell phone stores also advise you not to overcharge your battery and don’t let it fall below 20% because it will get damaged beyond repair, and you won’t be able to fix it. Be careful of the temperature of your iPhone and keep it under 30° C. If your phone is on charging and you notice that it is overheating, turn the plug off. Remember to charge your phone after taking the protective casing off of it. 

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Low Power Mode

Turning the low power mode on will stop the auto background app refresh and auto downloads and automatically reduce the screen brightness. You’ll notice that most iPhone gives the low power mode option when the battery gets low between 20-10%. To reduce it, you must go to settings and battery and enable the low power mode option. 

Optimise and Update App Settings

Another step you can take to optimise the battery life is to decrease and limit background activity. There are some apps on your iPhone that you might not even use. They not only occupy your space but also drain your battery. Cell phone repair suggests you must delete all the unnecessary files and apps you think you don’t use. Remove all the apps from running in the background by swiping them up from the bottom of your home screen. Clear all the apps that are not used, and you are good to go. 

Turn off unnecessary features.

Many features turned on in an iPhone are not used regularly. They occupy much of your battery, and you need to turn them off. There is no need to turn on the BlueTooth when you are not using it. Similarly, you can turn off the vibrations and haptics from your phone. In older phones, turning the WiFi off also saves your battery from draining, but it does not happen in new iPhone models. Sometimes if you haven’t updated your software, your battery starts draining due to bugs and errors. Cell phone repair in Garden City asks you to make sure that you update the software to eradicate this issue. 

Final Thoughts

These are the optimisations that help you and keep your battery from draining. If you are still experiencing problems with your iPhone, you must visit a cell phone repair store to get the issues resolved from them. Let a reputable and experienced repairer look at your iPhone’s battery. In Garden City iPhone repair, some specialists have the expertise and skills to repair iPhones. They also provide battery replacements. You don’t have to get upset about the quality of replacement parts because they have original spare parts manufactured by the company. You can also avail of their free quote service or ask questions through emails, calls and texts. 

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