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Wpit18 Dashboard Login
Wpit18 Dashboard Login

AIf the here because they are finding issues while they are registering themselves on the dashboard of wpit 18 then the users are the right place as in this blog we are going to guide our users about wpit18 com registration and login so that the users can follow up the steps and complete the registration and the login on their own.

Registering on the platform of Wpit18 – 

Initially the users need to visit the platform of wpit which is following which the users need to sign up by filling in the email address as well as the password of the account. 

Now, the users can access wpit18 com dashboard by pressing on the login button which they will find on the top right corner of the screen. 

The users need to look for the option of establishing a new account and then click on it. 

Now the users need to fill in the form which is there on the screen where the users need to provide their name, phone number and other required details. 

After filling the form the users need to send it for additional approval and once it is done users’ registration will be completed. 

Steps to login into wpit 18 dashboard

After registering on the platform the users now need to learn to login into it so that they can use and for this the users need to just follow the steps which they have been provided below to access wpit18 dashboard and login. 

For the first step the users need to ensure that the wpit app is install on their device in the latest version and then the users need to move to the next step for login. 

In this step the users need to ensure that the web browser they are using is update and also whose cookies are enable. 

After accessing the dash board on either the app or on the web browser the users need to use their login details which are username as well as the password to login into their account and after filling the details the users just need to press login button. 

If the users are finding it difficult to login into their account they can change the password of their account by visiting the tab of ‘my account’ and then pressing on the reset password link on the screen. 

And if this also does not work then the users can press on the forget password option on the login screen and then they need to follow up the next steps which the users advise too.

If both of the mentioned ways above do not work for the users they are suggested to contact the customer support of the platform wpit18 that will help the users with the information they have been looking for. The users can contact the customer support from Monday to Friday between 7 am to 10 pm and ask them  to resolve their issue. 

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Safety of WPIT 18 platform – 

If the users are wondering whether this platform is safe or not then let us tell them that cock fighting is never consider legal as it includes violence among animals. And this game also includes injuring innocent animals which is not at all acceptable by the authorities and hence, this platform is not safe nor legal. 

Although it is allow in nations like Philippines but we would like to suggest our users to refrain from it for their own benefit and if they still want to play it then  wpit 18 is the apt platform for that where the users will require to register and then login.

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