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Handmade Hats That You Handpick Need Some Love and Care!

There’s something about a handmade hat that looks better than those mass-produced options. It has a certain je ne sais quoi that says class, craftsmanship, and sophistication. It also wears the maker’s confidence and love in every aspect or detail. Their ruggedness or polish explains the intention behind the design that adorns them.Hence, men who can afford these styles are indeed the luckiest. These are some heirloom items you can pass on to the next generation. The top-notch stitching, shape, size, and material make them a prized possession. They can be real gem in your fashion wardrobe. No matter how frequently you wear the same hat, it becomes only better with age.

It is only fair to say that a handmade men hat in its higher quality material can beat mass-produced counterparts anytime. And because they are an outcome ofthe effort and fondness of skilled artisans, they tend to fit better and look more flattering. If you’re looking for a hat to make a statement, a handmade one is a way to go. But these unique hats also need your attention a bit.

Caring for your handmade hat

Straw hat

Store it in a cool, dry place when you’re not wearing it. If the hat gets wet, let it air dry before storing it. If the hat starts to lose its shape, you can use a hat block to help it retain its shape. Use a soft, dry brush to remove any dirt or debris from it. If the hat gets too dirty, you can spot clean it with a mild soap and water solution. Also, don’t forget to read the hatmaker’s instructions if available. You can check their website for this.

Felt hat

A felt hat is timeless men’s headwear that can add a touch of oomph and classiness to any outfit. If you’re lucky enough to own a handmade felt variety, you’ll want to take good care of it to keep it looking its best. This hat also requires a cool and dry storage space like other materials. Since it is slightly more delicate, you can keep it in a hat box. Please protect it from getting wet. If it gets damp, allow it to air dry naturally.

Although something bought from a renowned label will not have any issue with its shape for long, it can still get affected due to various factors. For example, you may not have been able to pay attention to it while carrying it on your vacation. Anyway, don’t worry if the shape looks slightly odd. You can gently steam it back into its form. Or, give it to the hatmaker for refurbishment. You can spot clean a dirty hat with a damp cloth as needed. Of course, your hatmaker can also have some suitable suggestions in this context. So, don’t forget to check them.

Leather hat

Assuming you have a quality handmade leather hat, taking care of it isn’t difficult. Premiumleather tends to last longer. If you live in a dry climate, keep it in a hat box when you are not wearing it. It will keep the hat from drying out and cracking. In a humid climate, it needs a dry and cool environment. The hat liner that absorbs moisture should also dry before entering a box or closet. It can be safe to keep it on a hat stand to allow it to have its space. The hatmakers recommend using leather protector spray or liquid to help it avoid staining and wetness. Applying it every year can be the right approach. If it catches a stain, clean the area with a soft cloth, mild soap, and warm water. Harsh cleaners can damage it. So don’t even think about them.

Mesh hat

If the hat consists of a fabric, you can probably hand wash it in cold water with a mild detergent. You can also spot clean it with a wet cloth, though. Some hats use synthetic materials that are machine washable, but they require gentle cycling. This material also needs to air dry, as heat can damage the fabric. Choose what looks safer and more helpful. A worn-out hat can look fresh again if you try steaming it.

All these are general hat caring guidelines. You can check the maker’s website for maintenance and care information when shopping. They can be the most reliable source because they know what their product requires for its best health. Some places also offer refurbishment and cleaning help. You can talk to them if you are bothered by a persistent blot on your favorite hat or its condition. For a small fee, they can renew your hat. Keeping something that echoes your personality and fashion can be a small price. Also, don’t forget buying handmade items from a random store might not be satisfying. You may still pay high money for a low-quality hat. That’s why it’s essential to choose wisely.


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