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How Do You Choose Kitchen Dishes?

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A healthy diet is not only based on healthy organic products, but also on the dishes we cook every day. During cooking, it is important to take into account thermal standards and methods of processing products. Therefore, every housewife has a large number of different pots, pans, and utensils. However, not everyone knows how to choose the right dishes for cooking and which substances are harmless when cooking.

What should be in the set?

A kitchen should have a limited set of utensils depending on the number of family members:

  • For a family of two, two pans of different sizes, two small bowls, a spoon, and small baking dishes are usually enough.
  • For a family of 3-4 children, the household kitchen utensils should consist of four sinks for preparing main dishes, pies, and cakes, three pots of different sizes, and several baking dishes.
  • Professional chefs need to include a grill, wok pan, frying pan, and other non-standard cookware in the standard set.

The choice of kitchen utensils should depend on whether you need them for cooking. Many people buy entire sets of pans, and some of them are never seen on the stove. However, if two or three places are enough for you, it is better to buy pans or pots separately and not overload the workspace.

Materials and coatings for vessels.

To preserve the beneficial and environmentally friendly properties of the product, it is important to use harmless materials. It is important that cooking utensils do not rust when heated and do not release harmful substances into the food. The choice of vessel for cooking depends on the temperature conditions during cooking. The material should withstand the necessary temperature so that the food does not burn on the walls. The most commonly used materials are:


High-quality aluminum cookware is used for high-temperature cooking. It is cheap and light. However, products made from secondary aluminum alloys are harmful to health, and products cooked in such vessels release enzymes that are dangerous to humans. Therefore, this material was replaced by oxidized aluminum. These panels have a protective coating that prevents oxidation.

Stainless Steel

Most common cookware used in the kitchen can be used for cooking at all temperatures. It is non-sticky and easily washed off in every way.


Heavy and durable cast iron products are often used to make pies, pilafs, and heat-resistant dishes. Cast iron heats longer and more evenly, retaining heat and preventing food from burning. The disadvantage is that after damaging the protective layer, such plates can no longer be used.

Heat-resistant glass

Glass heats quickly and evenly, however, it is afraid of sudden temperature changes. So that the products do not explode during cooking, you need to constantly monitor them for bubbles, chips, and cracks.


Copper is an expensive item as it is believed that the most delicious food can be cooked. Metal does not rust and does not allow food to burn. Copper cookware is suitable for use on an induction hob.

The coating also affects the quality of the food.  Products come into direct contact with it during cooking. Teflon coating is considered the most resistant to scratches and oxidation. However, it will only last you a few years, even with careful use. Enameled dishes are cheap, but it’s difficult to fry anything in them, just let them simmer on low heat. Ceramic coating is considered the most environmentally friendly, however, it is not resistant to temperature changes and gets dirty quickly. It fails three times faster than Teflon.

Criteria for selection of dishes

A large number of kitchen items of various designs and uses are for sale. In addition to the choice of materials and spray paint, every housewife should be guided by some other rules when choosing cutlery:

  • A lid with a raised bottom, plus a practical steam outlet to prevent burns;
  • It is important to have several items of different sizes.
  • When choosing materials, take into account the type of stove on which you will use the cookware.
  • It is important to choose the appearance of the product according to the design of the kitchen, physical features, and your own needs.

With such a large variety of parameters, it is difficult to understand which dishes to choose for cooking. In the Kitchen and store, everyone can choose what suits them best: pots, pans, knives, and other kitchen utensils. Each product is durable and can be used for a long time. The company offers a variety of dishes that you will be happy to cook and will make your loved ones happy.

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