How Has Covid 19 Affected Education in Australia?

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Covid-19 has brought changes in all dimensions. It has greatly affected the education sector as classes moved to online spaces. The educational institutions have shut down to avoid the spreading of the virus. Lives couldn’t be risked, so online learning was the only way to go until the threat was eliminated. This shift has not been easy on anyone. With remote learning, new techniques and studies have surfaced. During this time, Australian assignment help gain significance to students worldwide.

Virtual classrooms, video conferencing tools, online learning software or language apps- have significantly increased usage since Covid 19. Research by Cathy Li and Farah Lalani from World Economic Forum showed:

  • 81% of K12 students attended Tencent classroom in Wuhan;
  • ByteDance developed by Lark, offered teachers and students unlimited video conferencing time, auto-translation capabilities, real-time co-editing of project work, and intelligent calendar scheduling, amongst other features;
  • BYJU’s witnessed a 200% increase.

According to Wang Tao, Vice President of Tencent Cloud and Vice President of Tencent Education, online learning will gradually become a key component in the school education system.

In Australia, every state and territory have different jurisdiction. These laws made school-led remote learning difficult across school sectors and individual schools. Australian assignment help has provided students with educational assistance as students found it difficult to grasp concepts.

Problems faced by Students due to Covid19

According to a survey by Pivot and Education Perfect, 80% believed “students would need extra instructional support when they go back to school, but the top three concerns were social isolation, a decrease in student wellbeing and learning loss.”

The teachers and students had to adapt to the new changes and grasp technical knowledge to conduct and attend virtual classes. Some of the issues were low bandwidth, insufficient technical support, lack of quiet space, etc. Thanks to teachers, they were quick to adjust to the sudden changes. A survey conducted in 2019 found that 41.6% of respondents’ perceptions of teachers’ work had improved as a direct result of COVID-19. Amanda Heffernan, Bertalan Magyar, David Bright, and Fiona Longmuir surveyed 2,444 Australian educators.

Let’s talk briefly about the problems faced by students:

●    Missing classroom interactions

The classroom was the one educational space and a social environment providing intellectual growth. It gave a space to brainstorm, interact and engage in meaningful conversations with teachers and classmates. With virtual classrooms, it did not have the same essence. It limited interaction; the new batch of students had no contact with each other. With non-existent educational-social interaction, students faced issues with classroom management. As a result, many approach assignment help Melbourne to sort out their doubts and engage with professional experts.

●    No contact with teachers outside virtual classrooms

Teachers provide healthy feedback and direct students towards achieving graceful grades. In classrooms, they can establish a reliable teacher-student bond that aids students in other career and personal growth. But in remote learning, communication becomes limited, and there is no chance to develop a relationship outside the virtual classroom. Even teachers have limited ability to monitor a student’s progress.

Many students contacted assignment help Melbourne to receive educational assistance due to their 24*7 support and brilliant experts.

●    Lack of access

Online learning requires a stable internet connection, a study device and a quiet space. Not all students or teachers have access to it. Due to this, students with disadvantaged backgrounds suffered an educational loss. Less than 40% of Australian students coming from low socio-economic backgrounds have access to digital technology, while over 90% of privileged students have digital access. (Heffernan, Magyar, Bright and Longmuir, 2019)

In New South Wales, schools and governments provide digital access for remote learning. But the fear remains as they believe this epidemic will bring a digital divide. It refers not only to the physical access but also the skills required to navigate the digital device.

●    Missing out on education

Even though virtual learning has significantly improved academic performance, including students who previously remained distracted during class, traditional classrooms served as the sole learning mode for some students. They depended on their notes and lectures for education. Remote learning proved difficult for them. So, they sought out assignment help Melbourne to remain academically sound.

●    Increased anxiety

As civilians, everyone is already struggling with mental health issues. The growing uncertainty and fear have dominated the minds of the masses, bringing tumultuous anxiety and stress. It has affected education as students fear isolation, academic obstruction, losing a close relative to coronavirus, etc. Even when the world is experiencing grief, students are expected to keep up their academic grades. Students seek Australian assignment help to stay academically fit due to their one-on-one assistance and affordable prices.

Is remote learning the new normal?

Many perceive remote learning as the future of the education system. It remains one of the sectors where investments haven’t dried up. It proved successful during the pandemic but was hesitant to completely shift to a new mode post-pandemic. Remote learning allowed students to work at their pace, record and rewind the lectures, and re-read or re-watch the lectures on their time. It gave flexibility and audio-visual understanding that is easy to retain. They could retain 25-60% more material compared to only 8-10% in a traditional classroom. (Weforum, 2019)

For Australian educators, completely virtual learning seemed to be of little interest. Only 29% were in support of having fully online classes. Many prefer the hybrid mode, which provides the benefits of both.

If online learning surpasses all boundaries, classes and regions and bridges the educational gap, it must be encouraged.

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