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How Much Does Viva Learning Cost?

The way organizations operate and function in the corporate world has seen a significant change as a result of Microsoft Viva. The platform has quickly become quite well-known thanks to its cutting-edge features, employee experience modules, and collaborative techniques. We will discuss the cost of Microsoft Viva and the features of each module in this article.

The Viva suite intends to combine learning, insight development, communication, and resources onto a single platform. In addition to that, the software is supported by Microsoft 365 subscriptions and made available to user organizations via Microsoft Teams.

Microsoft Viva Pricing and Plans

The name “Microsoft Viva” serves as a catch-all for a variety of goods or modules. Microsoft Viva, which was first introduced in February of last year, has quickly become a well-liked platform for managing employee experiences.

The term “employee experience platform” is defined as a group of technologies created to offer user organizations’ employees a company-branded experience together with learning materials that promote communication and well-being.

The Viva platform comprises four unique modules, each of which can be bought separately by businesses. Some of these modules have an additional cost, but others are part of the Office 365 or Microsoft 365 plans.

These modules can be classified as follows:

  • Viva Learning
  • Viva Insights
  • Viva Topics 
  • Viva Connections

The Viva Suite consists of the aforementioned modules. The Microsoft Viva pricing structure is accessible to user organizations in two flavors: as a suite or collection of modules and as individual modules. In terms of the Viva suite, it is available to businesses for $9 per user each month. It is available as a yearly subscription that renews automatically.

The suite includes a number of capabilities such as the ability to provide actionable insights, content management, and others. These features enable people to be the greatest versions of themselves from wherever they are.

Microsoft Viva is a user-based supplementary platform that is accessible with Microsoft 365 plans for commercial customers. As a result, a business must obtain an enterprise license for any of the Office 365 or Microsoft 365 subscriptions.

Individual Module Pricing for Microsoft Viva: A Description of the Supplemental Add-Ons

Enterprises can purchase individual components of the Microsoft Viva Suite based on their business requirements. The modules, their added features, and their price range are as follows:

Microsoft Viva Learning

This module was created to enable staff members across businesses to find, collaborate on, learn from, and suggest materials from content libraries located throughout the organizational structure. Viva Learning pricing package comes as an annual membership that renews automatically for an additional $4 per user every month.

Viva Learning  $4 per user per month

The assistance of employees in finding pertinent learning resources is one of the fundamental components of this module. This includes combining educational materials from outside services. Users can also develop learning content and share it with their coworkers by sending a link to it in emails, discussions, and Teams Apps.

Microsoft Viva Insights

Viva Insights, formerly known as Workplace Analytics, aims to raise employee wellbeing and productivity inside the corporate structure. The module is available as an annual subscription that renews automatically and costs $4 per user per month.

Viva Insights $4 per user per month

The module is data-driven to deliver insights while protecting privacy. These observations offer a variety of individual observations and suggestions about how to improve working practices. The manager’s insights aids the company’s comprehension of the current business patterns.

Moreover, the insights of the leader help in understanding how business trends affect the welfare of the workforce. The actionable insights, which include customized analysis tools and accelerators for solving complicated opportunities and issues, is another noteworthy aspect of this module.

Microsoft Viva Topics

The Viva Topics module is designed to equip staff members with the knowledge and skills necessary to operate the applications they use on a daily basis. Individuals can learn, acquire new talents, and innovate their working techniques more quickly as a result.

The module may also integrate content from all Teams and systems, organize it, and keep it secure. Within topic pages that are produced by Microsoft Viva’s AI-based solution, Viva Topics can gather pertinent content, conversations, and knowledge from across the user organization. The cost of this module is $4 per user per month with a yearly membership that renews automatically, just like the modules that came before it.

Viva Topics $4 per user per month

Microsoft Viva Connections

The Viva Connections module’s capabilities assist in building a centralized location that is tailored to the needs of the workforce. Also, this module accompanies the licensed plans of Microsoft 365.

Furthermore, the module can enhance essential elements for optimizing exposure and construct a contemporary employee experience on top of the current infrastructure. In addition to the functions mentioned above, Viva Connections provides the ability to design personalized adaptable cards or dashboard cards that assist the user in connecting with the installed applications.

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