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How to create a cleaning company: start your business

Do you want to start a business and do not know how? Next we will give you a guide so you can start… in other words, how to create a cleaning company

  • How to start your cleaning business
  • Initial investment to start a cleaning business
  • Equipment needed to start a cleaning business
  • Permits needed for cleaning business
  • Course to know how to create a cleaning company from scratch

How to start your cleaning business

How to start your cleaning business

Starting a cleaning business is an excellent idea because it does not require as much capital to start as other types of businesses, you do not have as many fixed expenses (something that will save you a lot of money) and you grow as you expand your client portfolio.

Like any good business, for it to grow requires you to know many things before starting. You must know how to manage, coordinate and find the best ways to advertise because the more clients you have in this business, the better your profits will be.

Next we will give you a small guide on how to start your cleaning business step by step, the things you should know and the mistakes you should not make.

Initial investment to start a cleaning business

An initial question is: How much does it cost to start a Rengøring Erhverv? This question is a bit complicated to answer because it depends on many factors.

You can start a cleaning business with very little money, but if you want to go big you will require a lot of capital. We will give you an approximate sum of what you need to invest for both cases. In the event that you do not have much money to start, what you will require to start will be the following:

Starting a cleaning business on a budget:

– Cleaning equipment: Around $5,000 or $6,000 thousand pesos ($300 dollars) . This is taking into account that the equipment that you will buy will only be the basic one and will not be very expensive and/or of first quality, for example, there are vacuum cleaners that can cost you from 10 thousand to 20 thousand pesos, but it is because their use is more industrial, if you’re just starting out you don’t need to buy one of those.



– Salaries for workers : Because you could be limited by the budget, you can start with only one worker and reach an agreement in which they can establish a payment for each job they have, that is, if they do not do any cleaning on the day you will not be forced to make a payment for it.

– Permits to start: If you start with only one worker and the basic equipment, it could be said that it is not necessary to have any permit to clean houses or offices, since there really is not one that you have to have.

– Vehicle to transport equipment: The vehicle can be a big problem if you do not have it, that is why you should see options to move. If you don’t have enough capital to buy a van to transport your gear, you can opt for trikes or motorcycles that can help you get around faster and safer.

It is very easy to start a cleaning business with little money, you can even start with up to 10 thousand pesos. Although of course, it will be a bit complicated to extend yourself, because for that you would have to pay for advertising, a venue, permits and other expenses.

You can start with a low budget and over time grow and go to the next level, which is to hire more people, increase the work team, make deals with companies/offices/households, etc.

If you have doubts about how to start your business, where to put it, documents, etc. We recommend you to see our page:


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