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How To Wrap And Pack Gifts That Need Shipping

Gifts are precious. And the most precious are the loved ones whom you give these gifts to. Therefore, it is always necessary to wrap and pack the gift items properly so that it gives a beautiful unboxing experience to your loved ones and the item inside it also remains safe and secured. There are some important strategies that you need to follow in order to properly wrap and pack your items. And for that you need to have proper packaging materials.

In this article we shall be looking at some of the important strategies that can help in wrapping and packing different types of items properly so that you can surprise your special ones with the most beautiful and unique gifts. Do not worry about the packaging products, they are available everywhere these days. To save your time and energy, you can order them online as well. Packaging Midlands is an online store in the UK where you will get different types of packaging supplies such as, bespoke cardboard boxes, large rolls of bubble wrap, foam rolls, edge guards, mailing bags, corrugated cardboard boxes (cardboard boxes near me) and so on.

Let us now have a look at different types of strategies that you need to follow to wrap and pack different types of gift items.

Strategies for fragile and easily breakable items

Delicate, luxurious, fragile and breakable items need extra care and attention. One wrong step can damage the item completely. Therefore, it is necessary to take proper steps to wrap and pack these items so that the chances of the items being damaged during transit is extremely low. For that you need to have the suitable packaging materials as well. For example, for packing a fragile item, you need to have a strong and durable corrugated cardboard box, of course you need to choose a suitable size for the box that fits the gift item well. Apart from that you need to have bubble wrap and foam rolls for cushion and extra protection; you may also need to have kraft paper and lastly you need to seal the box with a strong and durable packing tape. These are some of the basic materials you need, you may need some more, if the item demands.

Wrap the item properly, filling all the gaps and hollows, before bundling them up. For jewellery, use a resealable packing bag. You can also fill the box with tissue papers. For porcelain and china dolls, use anti acidic tissue paper before wrapping the items with bubble wrap. For light bulbs and other similar items, use crumbled tissue papers to wrap them and then again wrap them with bubble wraps. Then put these items carefully inside the corrugated cardboard box. You may require some extra cardboard boxes, if the item is more delicate. After putting the item inside the box, fill the voids in the box with packing peanuts, as they provide extra cushion and protect the item from vibration. Then seal the box properly with packing tapes.

Strategies for perishable food items

Diwali and Christmas are nearing. And many of us love to send perishable food items as gifts to our loved ones who live far away from us. If the container is of glass or porcelain, make sure that you are wrapping the container with bubble wrap and then surrounding the container with foam peanuts that will provide extra cushion and protection to the container. You can wrap the food items that you will put inside the container with resealable bags; apart from that you can also use aluminium foil and plastic wrap to protect the food from being spilled.

To pack the container, try to use an insulated corrugated cardboard box. It is one of the best packaging materials both for fresh food and for frozen food. You can also use polystyrene foam to maintain the temperature and minimise the transfer of heat. Do not use ordinary tape to seal the box, because, if the food is hot, the tape may melt and if the food is extremely cold, the tape may become loose. Instead use a tape that is especially designed for shipping perishable food items. Label the box by writing “perishable food items”, so that the courier company will take extra care  during shipping and transit. Also do not forget to label some additional details on the box.

Strategies for oddly shaped and oversized items

We all know that paper or bubble wrap is highly customisable. So to wrap oversized or oddly shaped items, use these packaging materials; cut them according to the shape and size of the item before wrapping it. Then place it inside the box. Always use a strong and sturdy box for shipping your items, no matter if they are fragile or oddly shaped. Also fill the extra space inside the box, either with kraft paper or with foam peanuts or with bubble wraps. Then seal the box with strong packaging tape. This will keep your item safe and secured during shipping and transit.

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