By AlexJames

If you’re Feeling Stressed, Let a Stuffed Animal Help!

Stress can play a big part in your life if you let it, but luckily you don’t have to! If stress is getting to you and you need some help fighting it, then these adorable stuffed animals are here to help! They’re so cute that when you look at them you might be able to forget all the stress in your life! And best of all, they come in many different styles and colours so they’ll fit in with your unique sense of style! So what are you waiting for?

I was tired of feeling anxious

I get stressed out easily. If there is even a hint of confrontation in my relationship with someone I become scared and sometimes withdraw entirely. It’s not good for me and it’s really tough on those around me to deal with it. So I decided to do something about it. I’ve been shopping at kawaii store for some time now so thought perhaps getting another kawaii plush animal would help me feel better when times got tough. I ended up getting My Heart Teddy which was pretty cute…and then felt worse than ever once I got home. It seemed as though my stress levels were high because everyday life seemed more stressful than usual and having an irl stuffed animal didn’t help at all! … Until today that is!

So I did something about it

About a year ago I realized my stress levels were getting out of hand and decided to find an outlet. I recently learned about My Heart Teddy via Tumblr and decided to give it a shot. If you haven’t heard of them yet, they’re an online Kawaii plush shop that offers new limited edition teddy bears every month! They aim to provide you with teddy bears for grownups. How can something so cute help your life? Well for one thing, holding onto (or being hugged by) a super soft bear can be very comforting in times of stress or anxiety.

Get rid of your stress in 3 steps

1) What is your stress? Where is it located? Is it in your head or stomach? Is it on your mind or deep in your chest? Make sure you know exactly where it’s located and what makes it worse.

2) Find a stuffed animal that looks like that stress. In Japan, you can find Kawaii plushies called My Heart Teddies at local Kawaii stores that look like whatever you want them to look like. When I want to get rid of my stress, I imagine one of these adorable creatures sitting on top of my heart (or other places if applicable).

3) To get rid of your stress forever, replace the image with an item that embodies relief and happiness instead.

  • Step 1. Invoke the 5-minute rule

Psychologists have shown that immediate gratification can ease anxiety. Next time you feel stressed, don’t hesitate to buy yourself something cute and kawaii—just make sure it costs less than $5. Having an adorable plush animal to snuggle with is know to lower stress levels by releasing oxytocin (the feel-good hormone). Invoking the 5-minute rule will allow you to feel better more quickly, but remember that life doesn’t need to be perfect; just enjoy what makes you happy.

  • Step 2. Invoke your happy place

The term kawaii is Japanese for cute. If you’re looking to slow down your heart rate and relax, look no further than your local kawaii store. A kawaii store specializes in selling cute plushies that will help take your mind off whatever’s stressing you out. So if you’re feeling stressed or need to let off some steam after work, put on your favorite music, grab a glass of wine (or two) and curl up with a stuffed animal.

  • Step 3. Invoke your stuffed animal

Studies have shown that children and adults alike report feeling better after hugging a stuffed animal. When you’re feeling stressed out or anxious, spend time hugging your favorite plush toy to let it absorb your negative feelings. After all, everyone needs an outlet for their emotions—even stuffed animals. Whether it’s grabbing a teddy bear from your childhood or picking up one of today’s modern equivalents (such as squishables), you can relax when you turn to your cute Kawaii plush toy.

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