Is Everything Okay With the Modern School Schedule? Tips for It’s Optimization


By AlexJames

Is Everything Okay With the Modern School Schedule?

There is a huge difference between traditional schooling systems and modern schooling systems. Modern schools are those which focus on the building of students’ skills rather than building their academic knowledge only. Students in traditional schools and the past few decades were majorly focused on academics. They were in a race to score more in the course, whether they were interested in that course or not. In traditional schooling systems, students were bound to study what the teacher was teaching, whether it was understandable or not, and then were bound to give exams on that; their assessment would decide whether they were intelligent. 

The modern schooling system is far more different from that of traditional schools. In modern schools, students’ assessment is based on their basic skills. All students have different perceptions, and their understanding capacity differs. If one student can learn from books, the other might be interested in visual lectures. If one student is good in academics, the other might be good in other co-curricular activities. In modern schooling systems, students are assessed based on their skills. Apart from academic tests, some skill tests are also held to examine the students deeply and coercively. It gives students equality, and none of the students feels left behind.

The modern schooling system has begun a lot of years back, but in the times of covid-19 pandemic, it has become more vigilant and productive. In a lockdown, when everything was shut down, and educational institutes were also bound to commence the classes from homes, the teachers initiated this practice of evaluating students based on their skills rather than only academics because, during online classes, students felt boredom and wanted some engagement towards the studies where modern schooling helped a lot. Online education has already benefited students in a variety of ways. It has given the students the facilities of online class help and online exam help. Students with tough and lengthy schedules can go for online exam help and ask them to take my online exam for me. 


Scheduling the modern schooling system is far more effective than traditional schooling. Modern schools have designed their schedules to benefit the students and teachers as much as possible. With the help of effective scheduling of the modern schooling system, students are becoming intellectual and intelligent daily. It helps build analytical skills among the students that will help them resolve complex situations and issues. This results in critical thinking and strong decision-making for the students. 

The modern schooling system is also said to have a pragmatic approach. In a pragmatic approach, students are allowed to import their experiences, knowledge and ideas into their academics rather than listening to the structured and rigid lecture of the teacher. In the conventional schooling system, students are only taught bookish knowledge but do not know how to implement it. Modern schools set their schedules, so students know how to use their bookish knowledge in real-life situations. The schedules of modern schools have been designed in a way that they are also helping students in their professional and career building. When students are used to generating ideas and making decisions so they will not have to start their career from scratch; they will be known the importance of It already. They will not be facing any difficulty in climbing their career ladder.

Challenges faced by modern schools

Modern schools are not always up to date, and they also face challenges that need to be addressed and tackled as soon as possible. Otherwise, the idea of modern schooling systems might be obsolete if not tackle the following challenges;

  • Conformity
  • Responsibility loss
  • Communication lacking 


To tackle the above challenges and for optimization, the following are some tips for modern schools;

  • Care for students’ space

Modern students are unlike traditional students, who might be comfortable taking classes next to each other. Modern students feel cramped when they have their fellowmen in the same room. The modern school must only fit the number of students in the class that sit far from each other so that they can breathe and stretch whenever needed. There must be personal space where their shoulders and legs might not touch each other. The classroom can be designed in vertical spaces to add long desks and tables rather than shorter ones. Make sure to separate chairs from the desks; it will work.

  • Allow flexible classrooms

Don’t restrict students to use only one classroom for the entire year, but allow them to sit in different classes to experience the difference in studying when sitting in different classrooms. The classroom must be the place where students can work independently without being distracted by their class fellows. Make sure each classroom contains portable, lightweight chairs and desks to be movable when needed. 

  • Light the classroom with natural light

Don’t pack the classes that sunlight could not reach it. The use of tube lights and energy savers might slow down the energy of the students to keep them active sunlight must reach the classroom. When suffocated and locked classes are given to students, students feel themselves, prisoners. Large windows and doors and high ceiling classes must be designed to enrich the students.

  • Modern technology

Modern schools must keep their budget high to infuse modern technology in the classroom. This will facilitate students in a variety of ways. They will not have to go anywhere to use modern software or technology.

  • More comfort focused

Care for your student’s comfort more than completing the course. Make sure that your students are all time comfortable with the environment of the entire school because this will help them to understand the lecture clearly. 


Modern schools have effective schedules and benefit students in various ways. There are also modern challenges that need to be focused on by the modern schools and follow the required tips to be more effective on the educational ground.

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