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Is there RRR part 2 – South Indian movie industry has left the world in awe with some outstanding production they have been doing for the past years. The Bollywood industry is experiencing an all-time low in box office revenue while every other South Indian movie is earning big bucks. One latest Telugu-based film, RRR, has further crossed the boundaries of what truly Tollywood can achieve.

RRR – Rise Roar Revolt has been one of the most anticipated movies of 2022. It features Ram Charan, Junior NTR, Ajay Devgn, and Alia Bhatt. The movie is directed by SS Rajamouli and produced by D.V.V Danayya of DVV entertainment. The music composer for this movie is MM Keeravani. The film was postponed multiple times until everyone got to experience its grand release on the 7th of January 2022.

Read this article to learn is there RRR part 2 or not and what the actors and director think about this.

RRR – Rise Roar Revolt

Let’s talk more about the initially released RRR and the great success the movie has achieved. As a die-hard fan of the film, I think it has achieved its true purpose. The plot truly captures every person living in a place that was previously under oppressive British Rule. Everyone can relate to this movie and pay tribute to the fearless heroes who helped drive the British out of our lands for good.

The plot features two men from different places having other goals in life. One has lived a life of oppression and has the ultimate goal of driving the British out of India using their weapons. In comparison, one man from the far lands of the Gonds yearns to seek revenge from the British who captured her little sister and has the goal of freeing her. 

Destiny brings the two men together and develops a friendship between them. Things turn out gruesome in the middle, but the ultimate goals are achieved, and the British taste their defeat through the heroic spirits of Ram and Bheem.

The production quality, VFX, audio composition, and music directory have all been up to the mark and have amazed everyone. People mark this movie as the turning point in the Tollywood industry. The film was released worldwide and in 5 different languages all across India. In India, it was released in Hindi, Telugu, Tamil, Malayalam, and Kannada. The music artist MM Keeravani has carved a special place for himself in everyone’s heart through the ecstatic music he has produced.

One song, Dosti, was released in all five languages, and all 5 video tracks for that song featuring the respective five singers were released previously on friendship day. Overall, the movie has hit the jackpot and earned over 1000 cr at the box office. We should pay the marketing team credit and tribute for making such a strong presence of the movie everywhere where people got genuinely excited about its release.

At last, special thanks to SS Rajamouli for producing such a gem and finding over-the-par actors such as Ram Charan and Junior NTR. Rajamouli has never let us down with his outstanding productions of Bahubali and more. This is yet another achievement that has undoubtedly changed the fate of the Tollywood industry for good.

Is There RRR Part 2?

Shortly after the release of RRR, people were curious to know if there would be a RRR Sequel. Everyone showed interest and was quite motivated that just like Bahubali – The Conclusion, RRR will also have a part 2. Junior NTR also showed excitement at the thought of a second part. NTR said this: “Rajamouli sir needs to make RRR 2. There needs to be a conclusion to this story. I was just talking to someone earlier today, and I don’t know why I said it, but I said RRR is a franchise. Hopefully, those words will come true.” 

Ram Charan also seconded. To all this excitement building around RRR Sequel, SS Rajamouli said: “We made RRR in 2020 and it’s 2022 and I am still trying to cool off from the heat generated by RRR. Let things cool down. For me, it will be a great pleasure to make a sequel, not just because of what RRR will achieve at the box office, but I will get more time to spend with my two brothers. That will be more exciting for me. But let time unravel and see what happens.”

However, SS Rajamouli has been reported to have said before the RRR release that he does not think why a second part is needed. Rajamouli said that Bahubali 2 was a movie made, so it was released in 2 parts. RRR, on the other hand, is a movie where the whole story comes within one film. He further said: “I don’t believe in making the film’s one part, two-part, three-part for the marketing, for the business, it doesn’t work, it’s a dishonest way of making films and I don’t want to make films that way.”

From all these statements, we can see mixed views of SS Rajamouli Sir regarding is there RRR part 2 or not. We think that RRR has played its role and has been placed in the clouds. There is no point in making a sequel as no story remains. Releasing a movie without a good story can harm the reputation of the already released banger.

Let’s see what Rajamouli SIr has on his mind. As always, we are waiting for more amazing creations from him and the whole Tollywood Industry.

A Few Last Words

We hope you got your answer on is there RRR part 2 or not. Let’s wait for any concrete evidence regarding the latter. Comment down below your views and opinions regarding this article. We would love to read your comments and answer them as soon as possible,

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