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Knotty Pine Paneling: Why It’s a Favorite

Knotty pine interior paneling has been a favorite for generations in its many forms. Wide pieces installed vertically were popular from the 1930s to the 1960s. Since then, more narrow panels installed horizontally have become the favorite. Of its several iterations, tongue and groove with the end-matching system provide the best results.


Knotty pine paneling is a winner for several aesthetic and practical reasons, including:

  • It is rustic and attractive
  • Pine is affordable
  • Ease of installation
  • High-quality availability
  • Available online


You can shop for high-quality knotty pine paneling online that saves trips to your local lumberyard or DIY retail store. The best mills produce paneling that is defect-free to save you time sorting through pieces at the store. As a bonus, it is also fairly priced so you can afford to clad your interior walls and ceilings with this amazing product. 


Knotty Pine Paneling Is Rustic and Attractive


Knotty Pine is a perennial favorite for many reasons, not the least is its rustic and attractive appearance. Cabin and homeowners report they like this wood product because:


  • It invokes feelings similar to spending time outdoors
  • Its knots and colors are beautiful and relaxing
  • Pine adds character and ambiance to rooms
  • It adds an element of coziness and intimacy
  • Pine takes on a richer tone over time


Knotty pine walls can invoke a feeling of being on vacation or leading a simpler, more relaxed life. If you are still in the planning stages of building or remodeling a home, do not discount the advantages of this excellent product. 


Knotty Pine Paneling Is Affordable


With today’s inflation, it is nice to know some attractive wood products are still available at affordable prices. Other wood varieties are used on interior walls, ceilings, and decking but knotty pine equals their appeal at much lower prices. 


Knotty pine panels that are properly kiln-dried for moisture content and stain application are available as low as $1.65 per sq. ft. Other woods such as cedar, redwood, oak, or cherry cost 2 to 3 times as much. The same price savings also come from installing pine flooring versus hardwood flooring. 


“Knotty pine interior paneling has been a favorite for generations in its many forms. Of its several iterations, tongue and groove with the end-matching system provide the best results.”


Knotty Pine Paneling Is Easy to Install Correctly


Knotty pine paneling with the tongue and groove/end-matching design is a joy to install compared to ordinary paneling. Thousands who have used it express these benefits:


  • It is a virtually zero-waste product that saves time
  • T&G paneling is installed on conventional framing
  • It goes up fast whether for walls, ceilings, or decking
  • There is no need to splice the butt joints on studs
  • The panels lie flat and secured when nailed


Another bonus is that homeowners with woodworking skills can install paneling with basic tools. A secret that many people do not know is that it is available in a pre-finished condition that saves a lot of labor and time. 


High-Quality Knotty Pine Paneling Is Available


Why settle for substandard paneling when high-quality pieces are available at virtually the same prices? The best mills make online ordering easy because they take out all the guesswork. Here is why purchasing high-quality wood products pay off:


  • You will not be sorry in the long run
  • Quality wood maintains its stability better
  • Defect-free products create peace of mind
  • It requires far less maintenance if any
  • This grade of paneling is kiln-dried properly


High-quality real wood provides a timeless beauty that engineered wood and low-grade wood cannot. You do not have to settle for inferior wood paneling to save money.


Fair Prices and Great Service Awaits You


Save yourself a lot of steps by discovering what is available online. Shopping on our website is easy and convenient. We deliver fair prices and friendly service to our residential and commercial customers. You will need trims, moldings, corners, and baseboards to finish your knotty pine projects. Pre-finished trims that are ‘in stock’, knotty pine flooring, and pre-finished pine flooring are also available online.

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