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Online Face Verification – Easy Solution for ID Verification

Carrying a picture ID everywhere may soon become obsolete. Artificial intelligence advancements have cleared the road for online face verification technologies to become available and worthwhile for businesses. Smartphone users can already unlock their phones simply by looking at them. Facial recognition in organizations such as banking institutions can enable on-the-spot detection based on consumer facial features during the day and better-than-ever security on the premises.

If deployed carefully by administrators, this technology has the potential to make client data more personal and powerful while maintaining security. Online face verification is quickly becoming a critical security measure for practically all businesses, including hospitals, banks, educational institutions, and government agencies.

Online Face Verifications – Operations 

Face recognition technology has advanced since it was first used by intelligence agencies in the 1960s and is about to make its debut in many other businesses today.

How does it operate? Here is a quick summary of the tools and methods businesses use together to make online face verification accurate and dependable.

The Face Recognition Process 

  • Three-dimensional facial recognition

The procedure has the capability to recognize faces with techniques that use 3-D sensors. It captures the shape of a face for further comparison with the database. Even if the lighting changes, this still functions well. 

  •  Skin texture analysis 

This method examines the skin’s texture. Distinct twins also get aid in identifying each other using this system.

  • Deep Recognition

This approach makes it possible to “see through” accessories like hats, glasses, and body piercings while still accurately identifying a face. These techniques are to recognize a face with a great deal of accuracy. 

Feasibility for Businesses in integrating Online Face Verification System


Businesses utilize manual verification techniques in a traditional context. A worker’s ID documents must be verified in person at a workplace. However, as modern solutions emerge, the manual technique for face recognition is becoming increasingly old.

It is not difficult to avoid any human error caused by manual procedures by using AI-integrated online face verification. They boost the accuracy and efficiency of the verification process. Face verification solutions also enable remote identification verification. This is especially useful because so many businesses are transitioning to digital business methods at the moment.    

Identifying Frauds and Scams 

Fraudsters use the stolen identification information to make forgeries. Such damaging efforts are common when manual verification techniques are in use. Online face verification uses AI algorithms that can spot odd patterns, altered or faked documents, and con artists who use 3-D face masks to spoof the system in real time. Such excellent protection methods allow for the rapid elimination of fraudulent identities. As a consequence, companies reinforce their security measures, which motivates clients to continue using them.

Trouble-Free Installation 

The Online Face Verification API offers the ideal mix between customer satisfaction and data confidentiality. Businesses do not need to worry about installation because face verification technologies can be easily connected to smart devices like mobile phones. The technology also provides a framework of security for the clients. Clients favor companies with more robust security procedures because data privacy is a concern in today’s economy across all industries.

Fast Onboarding Process    

As the epidemic affected enterprises all across the world, clients demanded contactless practices. Due to social distancing, online businesses have begun to use online face verification for rapid and remote customer onboarding. There is less need for physical touch in this strategy. The customer may be identified by their specific facial attributes. 

Authenticating Identities

What makes online face verification technology effective is its capacity to give exceptionally accurate verification findings in real time. Face recognition technology can assess whether or not an online identity is real by employing aspects such as liveness detection and 3-D depth analysis. The process discovers spoof efforts, such as the use of modified images and 3-D face shields. This, in turn, protects current clients from external threats. It supports the establishment of a secure and dependable relationship between the organization and its clients.

Wrapping it up 

Online Face verification technology is enhancing, and a vast expansion can be observed in the future. Face recognition technology is quickly replacing fingerprinting in identity verification. As a result of artificial intelligence, technology is now better at preventing fraud. The business can get help from machine learning techniques. This will support reliable online face verification to develop a secure customer onboarding process. The verification solution produces quicker and more accurate results by speeding up the process. Unquestionably, it can help businesses follow the KYC and AML regulations set forth by regulatory authorities.

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