Online registration for MSME Udyog Aadhar


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Online registration for MSME/ Udyog Aadhar

MSME/ Udyog Aadhar is the previous procedure for registering small-scale businesses under the MSME. Prior to the adoption of the MSMED Act, 2006, small businesses had to fill out two forms for registration: EM-I and EM-II. This was a lengthy procedure that necessitated a great deal of documentation. For online registration of SSI/ MSME registration, the government launched Udyam registration portal. Industries that register with Udyog Aadhar may be eligible for government rewards under a variety of programs.

UAM Udyog Aadhar Memorandum)

  • Udyog Aadhar Memorandum is a single-page self-authentication registration form for the verification of details relating to the firm, such as Aadhaar, bank account, and other fundamental minimal details required.


  • It is a simple and inexpensive paperless online registration that can be completed without having to fill out many forms.


  • The UAM took the place of the EM-I and EM-II, which were necessary for SSI registration of small size industries.


  • The UAM is not required for all MSME, but it is required for all medium-sized businesses.


  • There was no limit on how many UAMs could be filed with the same Aadhar number.


  • The UAM form does not require the completion of numerous forms, as opposed to the old approach, which required the completion of the EM-I and EM-II forms in order to get other government benefits under various programs.


  • Any industry that registers and qualifies as an MSME can benefit from UAM’s collateral-free financing.


  • The UAM makes applications for MSME initiatives easier by reducing the amount of documentation required. Additional documentation, on the other hand, will be presented when needed.


  • The applicant can use UAM to apply for additional general government subsidies that are available.


  • One of UAM’s objectives is to categorize MSME and provide information on various government programs.


  • They also provide financial assistance to those who wish to participate in international shows.


Udyog Aadhar Registration Certificate

The certificate issued to the MSME following registration, along with the unique registration number, is known as the Udyog Aadhar registration certificate. The enterprise’s Udyog Aadhar number is a one-of-a-kind number.

Instructions for completing the online Udyog Aadhar

  • Aadhar number is a unique identification number assigned to each individual.


  • The owner’s name as it appears on the UIDAI’s Aadhar card


  • You must fill out your social category, which is either ST, SC, or OBC.


  • Fill in the name of the business by which your business is known to customers. You can submit for more than one Udyog Aadhar with the same Aadhar number if you have more than one business with a different name.


  • Type of Organization- For your business, you must choose the right type of organization.


  • Postal Address- You must include your correct postal address, including the state, district, and pin code.


  • Date of start-up- This is the date on which your business officially began.


  • Previous Registration Information- EM-I or EM-II registration information from the past.


  • Bank account information, including the IFSC code.


  • The activities are those that are related to the business, whether it is in the manufacturing or service sectors.


  • The NIC (National Industrial Classification) code, which is supplied by the government to follow the business’s further procedures, was required.


  • The amount of employees in your company is referred to as the “person employed.”


  • Plant and machinery purchases


  • DIC- The DIC’s location




  • The Udyog Aadhar Memorandum was submitted over the internet. Annexure 1 was filled out and submitted to the appropriate DIC in unusual circumstances when online completing of the form was not possible (District Industry Centre)


  • Existing businesses that have applied for the EM-I or EM-II do not need to fill out the UAM form, but they can if they want to.


  • The Aadhar number of the company’s key representative should be provided.


  • A user can use the same Aadhaar number to register several Udyog Aadhaar Memorandums.


  • The Udyog Aadhar number must be obtained through self-declaration.



Previously, the process of registering small-scale businesses was exceedingly time-consuming, and authentication required a great deal of documentation. Later, the government implemented Udyog Aadhar for MSME company registration. With the Udyog Aadhar process, a person can apply for many UAMs using the same Aadhar number. The Udyog Aadhar system has been replaced with the Udyam registration. The new Udyam process allows for only one registration using a single Aadhar card, and all additional operations linked to the business must be documented using the Udyam Certificate.


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