Paraphrasing An Essay


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Paraphrasing An Essay with Zero Plagiarism – Top Strategies

Paraphrasing means restating the thoughts of an individual in your own words. It is usually expressed in a simpler and shorter form to clarify the meaning. Plagiarism means stealing someone’s word or ideas and incorporating it into your work without acknowledgement. It is a serious offense. Plagiarism can lead you to an F-grade if you repeatedly steal someone else’s work without giving them proper credit. To avoid plagiarism, one can work on paraphrasing an essay. It gives you an effective way to condense, clarify, or restate other people’s ideas while providing integrity to your analysis.

10 Effective Strategies To Paraphrase An Essay With Zero Plagiarism

Paraphrasing an essay is an effective way to avoid plagiarism. It is a useful technique to enhance your vocabulary, grammar, coherence, fluency, and punctuation. It will be difficult to paraphrase an essay without knowing the important strategies used in paraphrasing to avoid plagiarism. Here are some effective strategies that you can use while paraphrasing an essay.

Break The Long Sentences

Break the long sentences into short ones to avoid plagiarism while paraphrasing. You can choose the relevant paragraph from where you want and separate the long sentences. You can separate the sentences using commas, conjunction, semicolon, or periods. You can split one long sentence into three shorter sentences in your own words.

Add Quotation Marks While Paraphrasing

The easiest way to avoid plagiarism while introducing a source’s word in your essay is to add quotation marks around the text. Using quotation marks around the text denote that the words are not your own. You can also use phrases such as ‘’mentioned that’’ and ‘’stated’’ to indicate that you are using the exact word of the source. You will then cite the source, in this way reader knows the source of the quotation in your essay.

Present Your Idea In The Essay

Present or write your ideas in the essay instead of quoting the source’s words or ideas. If you have a unique perspective on a particular topic, ask yourself what exclusive ideas you can contribute to your essay that are entirely your own. It is the best and easiest way to avoid plagiarism while paraphrasing.

Use Synonyms Or Create New Words

Using synonyms is an effective way to avoid plagiarism. You can use multiple synonyms in your essay. It will not only improve your vocabulary but also enhance your skills in sentence structure. For example, you are using the source’s sentence, ‘’ it is difficult to describe.’’ You can restate it by adding a new word, ‘’ it is hard to describe. ’’

Active Voice To Passive Voice

You can change the sentences from active voice to passive voice to avoid plagiarism, and it gives you a 100% unique result. It also prevents you from repeating sentences because an active voice generally improves clarity, and a passive voice can help you avoid unnecessary repetition of the words or sentences.

Cite The Sources In The Essay

Citing the sources is the best strategy for paraphrasing an essay with zero plagiarism. It identifies for the reader the source of information, image, idea, or work referred to in an essay. Generally, in the body paragraph, we use citations to acknowledge the source, and at the end of the essay, we use a reference list.

Use The Different Forms In The Essay

The use of different forms is the finest way to avoid plagiarism. It is another way to paraphrase the sentence by changing the forms of the words in an essay. You can use this by changing nouns to verbs, adjectives to nouns, and verbs to nouns.

Change The Order Of The Words In The Essay

You can change the order of the words to avoid plagiarism. Changing the word’s order is the most common way for a student or scholar to paraphrase the essay or assignment. But this is not a good practice. If you want your essay professionally written without any plagiarism then consider getting help from essay writing services.

Combination Of The Above Strategies

Use a combination of the above strategies because relying upon only one strategy can be stressful or not very effective. To paraphrase an essay, you should need at least use two to three different strategies to make your essay productive and plagiarism free.

Review The Sentences In The Essay

After writing the complete sentences, review them back. Identify any missing information in the new sentences you made after the paraphrasing. Compare it with the original source and review it to see whether you have any grammatical and spelling mistakes.


Paraphrasing an essay is an effective way to avoid plagiarism. A student must know the strategies used in paraphrasing to make his content unique. The strategies mentioned above can have a remarkable effect on your paraphrasing skills.

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