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Quality Lighting is Very Important for Safety

The shipbuilding industry is renowned for heavy-duty metal work involving the handling of large metal sheets and parts weighing up to a hundred tons or even more at times. 

It is also a labor-intensive industry wherein large numbers of workers are involved in the numerous processes for building ships weighing thousands of tons. 

In such work environments, accidents are not uncommon, depending on the level of safety and lighting that is available at the worksites. 

Safety measures and lighting go hand-in-hand, and it requires top-quality planning and electrical distribution architecture to optimally illuminate the workspace. 

While the safety of workers is the topmost priority when planning the illumination of the different worksites, the productivity of the workers is no less important. 

Unless there is well-distributed lighting in all areas of the shipyard, the chances of mishaps and accidents are going to be very high. 

It’s one thing to be aware of the need for proper and adequate lighting and quite another to invest reasonably in good quality lighting equipment and accessories. 

Shipyard lighting generally covers two types of workspaces – landside areas and vessels. Both these workspaces are littered with endless metal objects, equipment, and junk. 

Unless there are high-quality streamer lights providing adequate illumination in all these areas, the chances of slips, trips, falls, electric shocks, and burns, as well as difficulty in getting out of tight corners, would be quite high. 

Adequate lighting for general landside areas 

One of the most important work areas in a shipyard is the landside, where there are several sections dedicated to specific operations. 

Machine shops are needed for the regulation of workflow and analysis of personnel, technology, processes, procedures, resources, and tools of communication. 

Then there are electrical equipment rooms, carpenter shops, and tool rooms where the need for hand lights as well as other forms of lighting is quite high.

There are also a number of lofts, warehouses, and outdoor workspaces where operations continue 24/7, and hence these areas also need quality lighting. Without good lighting, there is a significant risk of accidental injuries in these workspaces. 

Illumination for general areas of a vessel 

It is true that work on a new ship begins on the landside area, but as the vessel begins taking shape, a large number of workers have to step onboard the vessel structure to continue the work there. 

There are specific areas where the movement of personnel and equipment continues for long hours. These are accessways, gangways, walkways, stairs, and exits, among other passages. 

The chances of collisions, slips, and falls are high in such areas that will require an entire network of temporary lighting to prevent any such mishaps. 

With Nema 5 15 plugs, connectors, and receptacles for temporary lighting infrastructure in such areas, operations can be optimized for safety and excellent results. 

Look for top-quality lighting from reputable brands

At any worksite, the managers are usually under a lot of pressure to cut costs due to budget constraints or cost overruns in some other area of operations. 

Lighting and illumination of workspaces in a ship-building environment cannot be compromised because it is directly related to the safety and security of the workers. 

Project managers should therefore select only the best quality lighting equipment and accessories like Nema 14 30, among others.

However, when you have Nema 14-30 power cables for generators, such mishaps will not occur because of the quality of the product. 

The uninterrupted power supply is absolutely important for construction sites especially if operations are 24/4 in which case work at the site would continue through the night. 

Duraline is a trusted name in the United States when it comes to electrical distribution and temporary lighting systems, as the brand was built over the last 76 years with total dedication to quality.


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