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Quick Ways To Improve Essay Writing Skills

Essays are an inevitable project that every student stumbles upon. An academic journey is incomplete without essay writing. It has been an integral part of the literary world for ages. You need to learn the basics to know what it consists of. Because of the many forms of writing available such as essays, blogs, articles, dissertations, etc., students get confused quickly. They seek essay writing services when they can craft an excellent essay independently.

Essays are written in formal, professional language. It is used to convey information on a particular topic. So intense research has to be done to inform the audience. Widely used in academic institutions, it has to be reliable and verified. Essays are available online and offline, so you can check their writing styles and take inspiration.

What is the purpose of essay writing?

  • Informing the readers about a particular topic
  • Using existing research and another literature review to support your point of view
  • Allows to compare and contrast
  • Summarising the concept and noting the main highlights in the conclusion

How to write an excellent Essay?

Writing essays improves your writing, creative and critical thinking skills. To write an excellent essay, use these guidelines:

  • Use Active Voice

Using an active voice indicates the actions of the subject. It is easy to understand and brings life to work.

  • Brainstorm

When you prepare for the essay, determine your take on it. Do you support or deny the argument? You will develop your opinion as you read more on the topic. In the essay, write clear sentences expressing your opinion. Use existing research such as data, research findings or strong statements from esteemed scholars in the field to substantiate your point of view. Not only does this make your work unique, but it also demonstrates your understanding and research skills on the matter.

  • Use appropriate vocabulary

Use a formal tone. Keeping in mind that professors and academic advisors will read it, keep it professional. Use professional terms. You can search for synonyms of words by using the thesaurus website. The sentences should be well structured. Avoid using millennial abbreviations such as LOL, ROFL or ‘m’ to indicate ‘am.’ Use correct, whole words.

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  • Use necessary information and stay to the point.

While collecting information, it is easy to lose the main focus. To avoid this, you can jot down the essay’s aim, objective, and purpose. Refer to this whenever collecting information. You can determine if the details are relevant to your essay topic and decide accordingly. Avoid using irrelevant and unnecessary information as they distract the audience from the central subject.

  • Write clearly

Your essay would receive good grades only if it brings clarity. No matter how much research you have done or the efforts you have put in, it will be deemed unworthy if the points are unclear. Make sure you write in simple language that is easier to read and comprehend.

Once you have finished your first draft, go through it again. Read it out loud and notice if it is stated clearly. If you can not understand it, you can not expect the readers to understand it. So make the necessary changes wherever required. Check for grammatical, spelling or punctuation errors and rectify them. Ask questions like:

  • Have I stated all the main points?
  • Have I included enough citations or information on the background research?
  • Is it clear and compelling to read?
  • Are the reasoning and arguments clear and relevant?

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  • Always include citations

When stating someone else, make sure to give them their due credit. Citing is essential so the reader can know what resources you have read to form the essay. It also enables them to read these sources for further information. It also demonstrates your ability to process and analyse data.

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