Ruinsara Trek – A most beautiful lake in Uttarakhand

ruinsara lake

Ruinsara Tal Trek is situated in the Govind Wildlife Sanctuary

Ruinsara Tal Trek is a known for its sacred Lake which lies very close to the source of Supin River, this trek comes under Govind Wildlife Sanctuary National park in Uttarkashi, a district of Uttarakhand, situated in the Western Himalayas. There is no doubt that the Himalayas have breathtaking beauty, refreshing climate and filled with desirable calm green meadows.

So, what can be better than spending few days in this serenity. An altitude of 3500 meters settled on the foot of Mt. Black Peak Expedition. The reason of the uniqueness of this place is it’s surroundings i.e. alpine grasslands and Rhododendrons.

Ruinsara Tal Trek is the most beautiful lake in Uttarakhand. The Himalayas Ruinsara Tal has a total length 1.7 km. During this trek you’ll explore a sacred glacial tal, which is known as “Ruinsara Tal ” and if you go further you’ll pass through the route over Bali pass.


Overwhelming Views in Ruinsara Tal Trek

Ruinsara Tal lies in between the peaks and from here you can have beautiful view of the Ruinsara Range, Mt. Black Peak, Bandarpunch, and Swargarohini. This is the base camp of both the Expeditions i.e., Bali Pass and Dhumdhar kandi pass.

The trail from Devsu Bugyal to Ruinsara Tal is a beautiful but tricky one as it meandered next to the Ruinsara River. The valley is very narrow and it can be compared with the Rishi Gorge from Odari Nanda Devi Sanctuary, although it is not as difficult as this one.


The Ruinsara Tal is one special glacial lake that has been resting in between the beautiful mountain ranges of Swargarohini. The fields around this are untouched. And here one can experience a sense of calmness around the lakeside.

Trek through these beautiful old whistle tops along with some sprinkle of simplicity and rich tradition and culture, the wooden houses and the temples architecture and are a rare sight to watch.

Ancient village:

The ancient villages of Dhatmir, Gangad, Puwani and Osla all together strikes a different chord with its unique village traditions and cultures and its own folklore dances.

The ancient temples of Pawani, the Osla, they have their own extraordinary Himachali architecture that can literally keep you focused for a long time. The journey to Dhumdhar Kandi pass is through Black Peak Expedition Bali Pass Trek and the Swargarohini is the base camp which might be a challenging one. In June and July, the higher regions of these pass are covered in snow.

Trekkers who likes high altitude pass will totally find themselves at home. The pass crossing day is long with its never-ending snow dunes and bridges that you need to.

Ruinsara Tal Trek definitely provide you with opportunity to see the scenic beauty and to experience the life of people living in these remote villages of Garhwal, Himalayas.


Must Read about Ruinsara Tal Trek


Best Season – March to December

Level – Moderate

Highest Point – 3500 m

Trekking distance (total) (36 km)

Weather – Nights are really cold but day temperature is pleasant.

Winter temperature – -2°C to -10°C)

Summer temperature– 5°C to 15°C)

Starting point – Dehradun, Uttarakhand


Short Itinerary Of Ruinsara Tal Trek


Day-1 – From Dehradun to Sankri (210 km) (8/9hours) (1920 meters)

The journey starts from Dehradun to the village Sankri. The final stretch can be through the Govind Pashu National Park after which you’ll finally cross a check post at Netwar. Take a rest at night in some guest house or you can also place camps.


Day-2 – From Sankri to Taluka (11 km) and same day a trek from Taluka to Cheludgad (12 km) (2700 m) (4/5 hours)

The drive from Sankri to Taluka can be a bit bumpy. The trek starts from Taluka on a gravel path. Along with the gushing river Supin passing beside. Under the shade of walnut, pine and other trees, this walk becomes very pleasant.

This path crosses over a few streams. After a few hours of walk you’ll reach the village of Gangad. As you continue the hike, after an hour, the village of Osla can be seen. You can set camps there or you can stay in a hut with a local family.


Day-3 – From Cheludgad to Devsu Bugyal (6 km) (3/4 hours) (3000 m)

On this day, continue the journey along the Tons river. The trail passed through the fields and it climbs high above the Tons and Ruinsara gad. The walk through the forest is beautiful, with Kalanag visible ahead in the valley. And the camp beside the stream and the waterfall is a must.


Day-4 – Fom Devsu Bugyal to Ruinsara Tal (12 km) (6/7 hours) (3500 m)

The ascend to the Ruinsara valley with its vegetation filled with pine and rhododendron. Ruinsara lake isurrounded by rhododendron bushes is considered sacred by the locals.

Just spend some time besides the lake and then you can go for hiking further. By the afternoon return to the waterfall campsite as camping is not allowed by the Lake due to its biodiversity.


Day-5 – From Ruinsara Tal to Devsu Bugyal (12 km)

Trek in the day at a comfortable pace and head back on the same route. You’ll arrive at Devsu Bughyal which is a small campsite surrounded with hills on one side and tall pines on the other.


Day-6 – From Devsu Bugyal to Taluka (18 km) (6/7 hours) Drive from Taluka to Sankri

Being the last day of your trek you have to cover a long distance with a descent. The day starts early with a trek through Seema and Gangad village and finally arriving at Taluka.


Day-7 – From Sankri to Dehradun (210 km) (7/8 hours)

Drive back to Dehradun from Sankri. Take an overnight stay at Dehradun. 


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