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Significant Differences Between Office Safes & Home Safes

Safes have one thing in common: whether you use them at home, or in the office. This is because they provide security for your valuables. However, your home security needs might differ from your office security needs. Thus, home and office safes have slight differences to ensure each can meet the specific need. Therefore, you need to get a specific safe depending on where you want to use it. But it all boils down to the kind of security you want. For instance, if you want to secure a few pieces of jewellery, you might not need the expensive high-security safety. But if you want to safe guard some rare pieces of diamond or gold, you need a highly secure safe.

Here are some significant differences between a home safe and an office safe.


Business and home safes come in different sizes depending on what you want to secure. However, most homes use the smaller type, the size of a microwave. This is because most people use home safes to store small-sized items such as jewellery, small guns, vital documents, and money. Rarely will you find larger-sized safes in a home.

On the other hand, businesses use large-size safes such as the tijori safe, since they store larger items. However, you can also find the small ones for storing money or for guests in hotel rooms.


The level of security is also different for home and business safes. Home safes are usually simple with a key or digital lock since their access is limited to one or two users only. Also, homes are more secure, and strangers have no easy access.

Conversely, safes in business premises involve multiple users. Additionally, strangers are always walking in, compromising the security of the safes. Therefore, business safes have high levels of security, including a combination of key and code lock systems. Consequently, this makes them difficult to access since the two locks must work together.

In some cases, the lock might use two sets of keys which must be present to open the lock. Therefore, one person can’t access the safe’s content alone. Additionally, some safes have a special door at the top. You’ll usually find these in restaurants and petrol stations with high cash flow. The door allows the employees to drop off the money but can’t access it. Thus, only authorized people can open the regular door to access the money. Unfortunately, such safes are expensive, but you can buy a Godrej safe at a fair price


In most homes, you’ll usually find a wall or versatile safe. With the wall safes, you can easily disguise them with decorations or arts, making them harder to locate or identify. For the versatile safes, you can place them anywhere in the house. Therefore, you can hide them in the closet, the basement, or under the bed.

Office safes are usually stand-alone or part of a room (vault). This makes them easily noticeable, and people can easily access them.

A safe’s primary role, whether at home or in business, is to secure your valuables. However, the safes have some differences that make them suitable for different uses. For example, a business safe is usually bigger and more secure since it serves many users. On the other hand, home safes are smaller and are only accessible by one or a few people. 

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