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Silver Lining Books For Depression, Anxiety, And More

Surfing around google to find the best mental health books? Well, you have knocked down the right page. This blog will familiarize you with the best mental health books of all time. 

When we think of books, we may imagine different things about them. Some may think of them as an imaginary world, and some may just treat them as tedious pages. But, to your astonishment, books are way more than we think. It not only contains pages with fictional stories like Harry Potter or is not the boring world of science. They are way beyond that. Books hold the potential to treat persons with mental illnesses like depression, anxiety, and more. Surprised? Well, who will not be? After all, books were the glory of schools to date. However, now, when the awareness regarding mental illness is rising, the collection of meaningful pages is getting a boom. Some of us were already acquainted with the value of books, but we have something in store for those who weren’t. As aforesaid, we will cover the best mental health books after making you near and dear with the importance of the books. 

Importance Of Mental Health Books 

You may wonder why reading is good for mental health. Read along to clear the air. 

Books Reduce Stress 

Losing oneself in a good book has been found to lessen stress levels. According to Dr. David Lewis’ research, reading as little as six minutes daily can reduce stress by 60% by lowering your heart rate, relieving muscle tension, and modifying your state of mind. The same study found that reading reduced stress better than music, sipping tea, going for a walk, and playing video games.

Provides Us An Healthy Escape 

The capacity to escape from the actual world is closely related to stress reduction when reading. According to research, escapism is more complex than merely reading for light enjoyment. Still, it demonstrated that people found the process transformational, affecting how they interact with the environment and others.

Develops Empathy For Others 

Reading fiction has been demonstrated to boost your level of empathy or your capacity to comprehend someone else’s beliefs, feelings, and ideas. This is known as the theory of mind. According to research, those exposed to fiction predicted the outcomes of an empathy task and were even positively connected with social support (but remember that correlation does not imply causation!). Further investigation into the effect of literature on empathy revealed that it was momentarily elevated after reading fiction.

Now that we know the significance of books, it is time to look at the best mental health books. We will today see what Silver Lining has in store for us. Gaping, why Silver Lining books? It is because they offer the best to their readers. So, let’s start!

Silver Lining Books For Good Mental Health 

Silver Lining has books to treat ADHD, anxiety, and depression. Here’s a detailed yet brief view of those books. 

Alfie The Wolf // ADHD

In the woodland, Alfie enjoys playing with his companions. However, Alfie occasionally plays too rough or fast and has difficulty focusing. Slow Down, Alfie, depicts how Alfie lives with a hyperactive mind and body. With Alfie, read this book with a hyperactive youngster in your life to help them learn to calm down and focus better. Your child will jive with Alfie and will know how to make their mind stable. So, don’t miss the boat of treating your child’s attention deficit hyperactivity disorder with Alfie. 

Andie The Elephant // Anxiety

Andie, the elephant, has a happy life in the wild with his friends and family. But Andie is concerned. Andie & the Worries depicts how Andie copes with worries. Read this book with a youngster in your life to help them conquer their fears, just as Andie did. By reading this book, you will let the cat out of the bag, as your kid will know how to deal with anxiety. Don’t sit on the fence. Bring this book home if you think your child needs to deal with anxiety issues. 

Frankie The Hippo // Sadness

Frankie the hippo enjoys rock climbing and competing in dancing competitions with his buddies. However, Frankie is occasionally visited by their sorrowful monster, “Gloob.”

Frankie & Gloob teaches children what Frankie does when Gloob appears. The ideal book for each youngster who has his or her unhappy monster. Together with Frankie, the stuffed animal, assist in providing kids with strategies to cope with grief. Thus, it is the best silver lining book one can have.  

Are you still sitting on the fence? Don’t be. If your child feels blue, you can make him friends with Frankie. Further, if your child is anxious or hyperactive, you can make Andie and Alfie his bosom buddies. Moreover, you need not burn your fingers to give your child a stable life. So, why wait? Hook to their website now and put your hands on the best books to improve mental health. 

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