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The Popular Method for T-shirt Printing-Screen Printing, NJ

Do you know the most widely used process worldwide to create customized T-shirt printing or any other kind of clothing? Well, the process is called Screen printing. It is also popularly known as silk-screen printing or serigraphy. Screen printing NJ, is a printing method that involves pressing the ink through a mesh screen to create a printed design. It can be addressed as a fun and effective means of communication, whether it be for business, fundraising, retail or just for your friends and family. You get your message delivered in terms of words or design through screen printing, NJ, that is customized as per your choice and needs. Get the best t-shirt printing in New Jersey on

What exactly is Screen Printing, NJ?

Are you wondering how your favorite design transfers to t-shirt printing in New Jersey? Well, the screen printing NJ transfers a stenciled design on a flat surface of the t-shirt or any other fabric with ink, a mesh screen, and a squeegee. The designs can be created using the screen printing process using multiple shades of ink. However, each color shade will require a separate stencil to create a multi-colored design.

What makes screen printing NJ popular for your t-shirts?

The reasons that make screen printing on t-shirts, New Jersey, a popular choice for many are :

  • This technique allows multiple color printing on your t-shirt or any other fabric, making it a preferred choice. It is effective on darker fabrics too.
  • Screen printing, NJ can quickly reproduce a design many times on t-shirts or any other fabric. Once the stencil is made of a design, it can be used multiple times to repeatedly replicate the design, hence the best choice for bulk orders for corporates and business houses.
  • A professional printing company like Horus New York can provide excellent results with screen printing, NJ.

The million-dollar question! Will the screen printing and NJ ink wash out with time?

Does the answer depend on where you get the screen printing done in New Jersey for your t-shirts? Professional screen printing companies in NJ like use the correct washable heat-treated ink that stands for quality and hence does not wear off the garment quickly. Moreover, they pay attention to the exact process of screen printing, which includes drying temperature and correct timings that produce a long-lasting product.

An insight into the steps involved in Screen Printing, NJ.

#1 Design Creation – A stencil is first created for the chosen design.

#2 Preparation of the screen– The right mesh screen is created per the design to be printed and the texture of the t-shirts, New Jersey. The mesh screen is then coated with light-reactive emulsion.

#3 The emulsion– The sheet with the design is then placed on the mesh and exposed to bright light so that the screen covered by the plan will remain liquid.

#4 The stencil is created – The areas not covered by design will go hard, and the rest is rinsed away, leaving a clear design imprint on the screen for the ink to pass through.

#6 Screen printing, NJ prepared for printing– The t-shirt or any other fabric is placed on the printing board below the screen. The ink is added on the top, and then the ink passes through the open areas in the stencil, resulting in the design creation on the t-shirt.

#8 Drying– The last step involves passing the printed product through a dryer to stabilize the ink and have a smooth finish. The product is then washed to ensure a clean and final product.

Final Words:

If you wish to get darker t-shirts printed then screen printing, NJ is the ideal process to opt. It is super effective process and versatile at the same time as it can be used not only on fabric but also on wood, glass, metal and plastic. It can be referred to as the best fully integrated solution for customized garment printing!

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