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By AlexJames

Top 5 Reasons You Need Custom Hosiery Boxes for Your Brand

Product packaging might look like a simple thing which can be done instantly without any prior planning or strategy. Contrary to this, it is the most important task for any business to focus on. The garment industry is the second largest working factory, after the food industry, in the world and so the hosiery industry is. Like every other product, hosiery items also need to be packed in good and safe packaging. Using hosiery boxes will serve this purpose in a very well manner and custom hosiery boxes will take the packaging to the next level. You can create these Custom Hosiery Boxes in different sizes, shapes and materials according to your product’s demands.

Why Do Hosiery Items Need Packaging?

Hosiery, being delicate items, need more care and protection. Hosiery mainly includes tights, socks, vest and is worn under the dress. To make their journey safe and reliable, from the manufacturing industry to the consumers, packaging is mandatory. A good quality packaging depicts a good product inside. 

High Quality Packaging Material Keep Products Safe

Hosiery packaging boxes are usually made of cardboard material. It can be customized easily with the fine printing options and is enough to keep the hosiery items safe. But you can also order hosiery packaging boxes wholesale in the other packaging material. As, for long distance shipment of your hosiery items, custom hosiery boxes crafted from cardboard material are not safe. Rather, you can ask corrugated material or rigid box material to be used for the production of these boxes.

It Can Assist Multiple Items

Design your custom hosiery boxes as per product’s demands and get them built by a renowned custom box manufacturing company. Being very intricate, hosiery items don’t need much space. Hosiery items are usually packed in pairs or triplets hence, these boxes are designed to assist more than one item. Choosing a proper size of custom hosiery boxes for your product will also ensure containment.

Custom Packaging is A Marketing Necessity

Packaging is even more important than advertisement. In fact, it serves as an advertising tool for your product, in the retail market. To advertise your brand and take it to the top among a galaxy of brands, you need to do something out of the box. A unique packaging idea has the potential to attract consumers more than an old, traditional packaging style can do. 

Custom packaging has made marketing so much easier. It allows you to advertise your brand within a limited budget, also perfect for small businesses. Using custom hosiery boxes will let you introduce more marketing options for your products. Printing a brand logo on the custom boxes will make your product serve as your brand identity. You can also add some product information on them, like the product’s fabric type and number of items, for your customer’s convenience. It will allow them to have an overview of product’s specification at a glance. 

Top-Notch Printing Options Make Packaging More Appealing

Do you really want your buyers to remain loyal to your brand? Get your custom hosiery boxes printed with your brand logo, which will serve as the biggest reason for your customers to buy your product. Add more vibrant colors to relate the packaging with the product inside and make it look more appealing. Premium looking packaging boxes also help to build a positive brand’s image in the customer’s minds. 

What will change your standard packaging into a remarkable box that will become the ideal present item for cloth-loving females, are the custom hosiery boxes with eye-catching designs and extraordinary color schemes. Many custom box printing companies offer free design assistance in this matter, in case you don’t have designing ideas. They can offer the best design for your product that will make it stand out in the market.

A Captivating Appearance Can Boost Product Sales

Good appearance promotes a good image. Packaging is the very first introduction of any item, so it should be captivating enough to make the customers notice your product on the retail shelves. Custom hosiery box packaging with advanced finishing options like embossing, debossing, matte and UV spot can attract customers hence, can boost your product sales.

Top Hosiery Boxes Wholesale Manufacturing Companies

A noticeable number of custom box manufacturing brands are working in the United States to provide high quality custom hosiery boxes to the retailers, for their hosiery products. But only few of them succeed in gaining full customer’s satisfaction till now, and others are still running in the race. Below are the top 3 companies that are providing custom hosiery wholesale boxes with the best services in the region.

  • Global Custom Packaging
  • Emenac Packaging
  • YBY Boxes

Global Custom Packaging, assisting the largest number of clients for years, is the leading custom box manufacturing company in the USA. 

You can order hosiery wholesale boxes for your business, from these above mentioned companies. With the team of expert workers, quality services, free delivery and fast turnaround, these companies will not let you down. See your brand growing with increasing sales each day and get ready to touch the sky!

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