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Top 8 Metaverse Coins To Buy for 2022

After Facebook changed the term’s name to Meta in October 2021, the phrase “metaverse” gained more popularity. These days, people are highly familiar with dealing with digital currencies. Furthermore, the metaverse is a fully realized virtual environment made possible by cutting-edge innovations like blockchain, virtual reality, and augmented reality.

The virtual world enables users to work and play in an online environment that simulates real-world and fantastical situations. This includes anything from sci-fi dragons to more conventional everyday places like businesses, shopping centers, and residences. You can use a PC, handheld device, or VR headset to immerse yourself in the metaverse fully.

You need a metaverse token to transact digitally in the metaverse. You can use the tokens to access various online services and programs. Tokens are valuable inside and outside the virtual world.

Top metaverse tokens have provided investors with incredible gains. Here is a list of the best 10 metaverse coins to buy in 2022 if you intend to invest in metaverse tokens.

Decentralized (MANA)

According to market capitalization, MANA is among the most customizable coins in the metaverse. It debuted in 2018 and was constructed using the Ethereum blockchain. By purchasing this coin, you can participate in virtual games worldwide. In addition, users can use this coin to talk with other users and personalize their characters. Additionally, users can buy land and later explore, construct, and monetize it.

Enjin Coin (ENJ)

The metaverse coin ENJ offers a robust framework for creating metaverse NFTs. You can purchase resources to advance in your game using this coin. It provides a database that enables secure management and storage of digital gaming products. Using a mobile app with QR codes, you may easily purchase NFTs. Additionally, you can spend the coin in the virtual world to buy and sell any in-game products. The coin’s marketplace feature enables you to trade products without paying a middleman fee.

The Sandbox (SAND)

Users can construct, acquire, and exchange in-game goods. One of the top metaverse tokens to purchase in 2022 is SAND. Additionally, you can use this currency to make real properties and acquire virtual land. Users can also make NFTs, which are digital assets. Users can create 3D games using the game maker capabilities for no cost and use the visual scripting tools to create visually appealing games quickly.

ApeCoin (APE)

APE is one of the best metaverse tokens due to the BAYC and MAYC NFT communities. The Ethereum blockchain technology is used to host APE. The APE ecosystem’s expansion and progress are to be monitored through this token. The ecosystem’s exclusive products, services, and events are accessible to investors.

Axie Infinity (AXS)

One of the top metaverse tokens for games that allow players to earn rewards by completing particular objectives is AXS. When the rewards are minted, they can be represented as a singular NFT and traded on the open market. The gamers can stake their coins, make in-game purchases, and participate in community governance using this currency. Users can also acquire, care for, and breed animals in their virtual environment digitally.

Theta network (THETA)

THETA was developed for streaming video. Users can exchange their peer-to-peer bandwidth and resources with this coin without the involvement of a third party. Additionally, it provides customers with effective and affordable video streaming platforms. Through community voting, investors can protect the blockchain network, confirm their transactions, and modify the network. Additionally, it pays users for relaying films using their unused bandwidth and computer resources.

Highstreet (HIGH)

You can buy a HIGH metaverse token if you enjoy hybrid working model coins. HIGH is a leading metaverse token with support for virtual reality that has the potential to be played and profited from. The coin’s split physical/virtual composition makes it more enticing to investors. This coin’s investors can use it to buy tangible goods, and you can earn in-game tokens by finishing tasks, which encourages greater investment in the coin.

Metahero (HERO)

With 3D scanning, users of the new metaverse coin HERO may produce HD avatars of actual people and items. It works in conjunction with Wolf Studio for 3D scanning. It gives users the ability to convert their physical assets into NFTs. Investors can also design and print in-game characters using this coin.


These are the 8 top metaverse tokens that you can invest in 2022. The coins stand out from the competition and exhibit significant promise. Although you may afford to lose money at any time, it is not advised to stake all of your money on the metaverse currencies.

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