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By AlexJames

8 Best Twitter Hashtag Analytics Tools in 2022

Twitter is a popular social media platform where people constantly share fun, entertaining, informational, new, and fresh information. This platform allows short caption-like posts known as Tweets. You can like, comment, and reshare these tweets, this is how their engagement and popularity are calculated. Also Twitter is popular for its hashtags even you can analyze and track the relevant hashtags through Twitter hashtag analytics.

People can spice them up with images, videos, links, and most importantly hashtags. Users use Twitter to post reviews and feedback, they find hashtags as their best way to reach out to a company. Brands keep proper track of where ever they are mentioned and try to reach out as soon as possible.

Twitter Hashtags Analytics play a crucial role not only in user-generated content but also in providing insights into user behaviour. It helps in monitoring and analyzing their usage. They show highlights into what topics are currently trending, how the users are responding to them, monitoring user activity, and what consumers are sharing and exploring nowadays.

You can identify primary hashtags and keep all the relevant posts and conversations grouped together. To identify hashtags and all these other aspects, using a hashtag tracking tool can be your best bet. Brands and marketers have been using these tracking tools to curate hashtag feeds and run hashtag campaigns.

Best Hashtag Analytics Tools

Let’s understand some hashtag tracking tools in detail.

Taggbox Widget

Taggbox is a Twitter hashtag analytics and display tool that curates a Twitter feed using hashtags and displays it in a unified form. Hashtags generate large audience participation for your campaigns and Taggbox help in displaying them on the website.

Embedding a Twitter hashtag feed on the website, can improve dwell time, reduce bounce rates, boost conversion, and help in lead generation. With this, you can reach out to your non-Twitter audience and showcase social proof. This helps in building trust.

Taggbox is equipped with customization features, you can change background color, edit font, change the card style, design using various responsive themes, add a CTA button, banner, on-site UGC upload features, and much more using these platforms. You also get the freedom to further personalize and design your widget using the Custom CSS feature and add additional CSS code.

To get detailed insights about how your users are behaving with the widget and the overall widget performance with the analytics feature. To get insights about no. of impressions, no. of visits, click-through rates, sentiment analysis, etc.

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There is a moderation panel as well using which you can highlight the best content on top, eliminate any sensitive and inappropriate content from the widget, and get UGC rights from original content creators to ethically repurpose their content on multiple marketing touchpoints.

These platforms generate an HTML code that is compatible with multiple website building platforms like WordPress, HTML, Wix, Weebly, Shopify, Squarespace, etc.

Brand 24

This tool is primarily to monitor the brand and product on the internet, it also includes hashtag tracking. You get both hashtag tracking and analytics. This tool allows you to track hashtag access on multiple platforms, track contests, analyze participation, and run successful hashtag-based campaigns on Twitter.


This tool is socially intelligent and listens to what people are saying about your brand. The hashtag is the main aggregating aspect. Digimind recognizes how you understand the audience and their expectations by detecting their taste, uses, purchases, and locations. This platform includes a demographic and psychographic analysis of hashtags.


It is a popular social media management platform that tracks hashtags. It is a great addition to your marketing campaigns as you can search multiple hashtags, and specify language, and location. This platform in addition to hashtag tracking helps in influencer marketing as well. You can find the right influencer, reach out to them, and collaborate with them.

This platform is unique because of its image analysis. It does not make a separate hashtag analysis however, as it claims to be a social media listener, the hashtag is a part of its process. You can find the most admissible information from a large dump of mentions. With its machine learning algorithm, it sorts various mentions and helps in running better hashtag campaigns.


As the name suggests, this platform uses AI to track all your mentions. It digs into every corner of the internet to find relevant information. It helps in competitor spying and gives your an edge over your competition. Apart from hashtag analysis, it is used for custom hashtags. BrandMentions determine whether your brand hashtag is reaching out to the target audience, how popular it is, and much more.


This platform is used to determine which topic or hashtag is currently trending creating a “buzz” on the internet. Even you can use BuzzSumo to analyze which type of content works best for your audience and you can search particular hashtags and analyze their popularity. You can also track the success of your hashtags and how many people are using them all over the internet.

Talkwalker Analytics

This platform helps in following your campaigns and hashtag, it is a paid platform that offers a free trial period. Hashtag analysis is a feature that allows you to centralize all the social data in one place. This platform provides full hashtag tracking, data about no. of shares, reach, engagement, and mentions and you get real-time updates.

Wrapping up!

Using hashtag tracking tools can make your work easy, most of the work is done by them and allows your bandwidth to focus on other tasks. Taggbox is a platform that not only helps in running hashtag campaigns but also displays them on the website to reap maximum benefits.

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