What Makes Zaitoon City Lahore the Best Investment Choice?

Zaitoon City
Zaitoon City

The number of real estate projects in Lahore has been increasing. Due to the development of various housing projects, deciding which project is worth your investment is becoming difficult. So, for your ease, we are here with the best housing scheme, Zaitoon City. We will discuss the features that make this society the best choice for investment. So, without dragging the main topic, let’s move toward the main topic of our discussion.

Zaitoon City Lahore Developers

The most important thing that makes a society worth investing in is the developers and owners of the society. So, let’s talk about the developers of Zaitoon City Lahore. It is developed by the Zaitoon Company, and among the owners, the names of Mian Ayaz and Mian Ijaa are prominent. The company has been in the development field for almost the last three decades. 

They have also completed many state-of-the-art projects both of residential and commercial nature. Among the well-known projects of the developers are Landmark plaza, Lucky center, Point plaza, Japan Center, and New Lahore city are at the top.

Location Highlights

The next most important feature of any society is its location. Zaitoon city Lahore is on the Main Canal Road and is the best location for any housing society. In addition, the society also offers easy accessibility to main landmarks such as:

  • Shahkam Flyover: 10 minutes drive
  • Ferozepur Road: 15 minutes drive
  • Motorway interchange: 20 minutes drive
  • DHA Lahore: 25 minutes drive
  • Lahore Airport: 30 minutes drive
  • Lahore Ring Road: 6 minutes drive

Zaitoon City Payment Plan

Now let’s discuss the next essential feature of the society, which is the Zaitoon city payment plan. The payment plan of any society describes how many investors can invest and how budget-friendly the project is. The developers of Zaitoon City have set affordable payment plans that show even an investor from the middle class can afford a plot in the society.

The developers have divided the payment plan into easy installment plans, which means that the investor does not have to pay the lump sum amount at once. The sizes of the residential plots available in Zaitoon City are 5, 10, and 20 Marla. Commercial plots of 4, 6 and 8 Marla are also available on easy installment plans of 4 years. The possession of the plots will start at 60% installment. 

The prices of various plots according to the sizes are as follows:

  • Total Price of 3 Marla plot = 2,250,000 PKR
  • Total Price of 5 Marla plots = 3,750,000 PKR
  • Total Price of 7 Marla plots = 4,800,000 PKR

All these prices are divided into Zaitoon city installment plans which offer ease to the investors to invest in the society. 

NOC Status of the Society

Whenever anyone wants to invest in society, the most important thing that matters to the investors is the legal status of the society. The legal status of the society matters a lot as it guarantees the people that the society in which they are investing is allowed for all development work. So, if you are curious about the authenticity of this society, Zaitoon City Lahore NOC is legal and approved by the Lahore Development Authority. 

So, due to the approved legal status of the society, it is safe for any investment. In addition, the developers of the society have also received grants and certificates that require water, gas, and electricity. Due to these reasons, society is the best choice, and its demand is increasing over time.

Zaitoon City Lahore Facilities 

The project is renowned for its exclusivity and luxury. The most satisfying component of society is ensuring that all facilities are supplied to the highest possible standard. The elements listed below help create a welcoming environment for inhabitants and investors.

High Security

Everyone desires to live in a neighborhood that is secure and safe. The project, known as Zaitoon City, makes every effort to ensure the safety of its citizens. It is a completely gated neighborhood that is guarded by cutting-edge surveillance technology. Additionally, most of the wiring is buried, giving inhabitants a sense of complete security and safety.

24/7 Utility Provision

Home development is renowned for offering top-notch utilities. It guarantees that electricity and gas will be accessible every day of the week, around the clock. The quality of the services is quite great.

Educational Establishments

The quality of one’s education affects their personality. The school system in Zaitoon City is of the highest caliber and offers the best education. The housing society’s educational institutions shorten trip times, use less fuel, and cut travel distances. Why venture outside? When even better education is available at your home.

Amusement Facilities

To live a happy and healthy lifestyle, entertainment is crucial. For this reason, the housing society plans to construct commercial amusement centers and entertainment parks, enabling residents to cherish every moment of their lives.
So, due to all these Zaitoon City Lahore Facilities, you should book your plot now in the society.

Book your plot now

Now, if you have decided to invest in one of the best societies in Lahore, you need to contact professional real estate agents. You can consider contacting Sapphire Properties or any other property dealing consulting organization for this purpose. But always make sure that you rely on expert, fair, and professional consultants. The booking procedure in the scheme is very easy, so you do not need to worry about that.

Final Thought

In the article, we have discussed what makes Zaitoon City Lahore the best choice for investment. There are many reasons the society is a splendid choice for investment, such as its developers, master plan, payment plan, location, NOC, facilities and amenities, and many more. The easy payment and installment plans attract more investors. So we will strongly suggest you invest in society without any further delay. 

Moreover, if you are looking for a second option, you can also think about Rudn Enclave Rawalpindi. It is also a reliable option with all the necessary amenities and facilities. 

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