What You Should Know About T-shirts and Sleeves


Custom t-shirts are here to stay. Not everyone likes wearing what the multitudes do. They want to do their own thing. They want their tee to be the way they want – down to the last thread.

While many tee perfectionists are sticklers about neck styles, there are some who are very particular about the sleeves. 

If you are wondering – Do tees have different sleeves? Well, yes, they do! Tees have several different types of cuts and sleeves. Here is what you should know about these.

Types of sleeves

Sleeveless: Let us start with the tank top, aka the sleeveless tee. As the name suggests, this tee does not have any sleeves. It has a deep neck, while its shoulder straps range from quite thin to broad ones that cover almost the entire shoulder. Many muscular men prefer this tee to show off their toned biceps. If you want something similar but with your personal message or design on the front, you can visit a custom t-shirt shop and get that done.

Cap: In this style, the sleeve extends over the shoulders but does not cover the under-area of the arm. It is a sort of cap-like extension from the shoulders. This style is preferred by those who are not very comfortable with showing their shoulders in entirety.

Half sleeve: This style is beloved by all those people who are into classic tees. If you hit the gym regularly and want all eyes on your biceps, all you have to do is choose one that hugs them snugly. And then you’ll be the cynosure of all eyes.

Three-quarter: This sleeve covers the entire upper arm. It ends below the elbow. This sleeve is preferred by those who aren’t very comfortable showing their elbows. Some people wear them in the office to stave off the cold when they can’t control the AC’s thermostat and set it according to their comfort level. 

Full sleeve: This sleeve was originally associated with shirts, but it crossed over to tees and soon became a favorite of many.

In fact, if you have watched the hit US series, The Big Bang Theory, you’ll surely remember its lead character, Sheldon’s t-shirts. It seems like he was living in them round the clock. He did go for a custom t shirt look by wearing a half-sleeve tee over a full-sleeved one several times, a look that surely didn’t disappoint his many, many fans.

If you are among the many of those fans, you can visit Custom Shirt Printings and get the tee of your dreams. We will help you make your own shirt by choosing the style of design, cut, shape, and sleeve length along with the cloth. We can ensure the exact printing of the design of your choice and ensure that your t-shirt stands out from the crowd.

The Henley Y-neck

They say that if a crew neck and a V-neck marry, they’ll have a Henley Y-neck baby. The round neckline of this tee dips into a placket that buttons up. The placket is a couple of inches long. If you prefer going in for fancy items like the custom t-shirt, you can alternate between these different neck styles and fill up your wardrobe with tees that appear truly different.

Customization is the need of the day if you want to stand out in the crowd. And you can do that using your t-shirts! Visit Custom Shirt Printings, and you can partner with a team that’ll take all your ideas on board and creates the tee of your dreams. Thank you for visit the content

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