Why is My Kitty Hissing?

Kitty Hissing

Having a cat hissing right before you can be a scary place to be in.

Feline fur babies can hiss regardless of their age. Even while it is a typical cat behavior, the baring fangs, protruding eyes, frightening face, and snake-like sounds can scare the devil out of people. It might seem that kitties have copied this snake tactic to shoo people away, but there is no evidence of wild or domestic cats copying a snake’s behavior for extra protection.

Still, it is best to step back if your frisky pet is showing its teeth. You need not be surprised if your hand is in your furious furball’s mouth in a few moments. Biting and scratching are two defensive cat behaviors to expect in such a situation.

The event can turn ugly if other feline pets are around and a heated battle is about to ensue. Accidental injuries and other health emergencies are possible when a kitty turns aggressive. Vet visits and unplanned vet costs might be inevitable, which is why you should consider being equipped with cat insurance.

Contemplate purchasing pet insurance, so getting medical help need not be a significant financial burden during distressing health situations like this. In the meantime, read this article to understand the message a cat is trying to convey when it hisses.

What does it mean?

When an animal hisses, it is warning you not to come close to it and is preparing for a defensive battle. If your cat hisses, maintain a healthy distance between both of you and stay away from it for a while. This ensures you are guarded against its sharp teeth and claws.

Note that a cat hissing unendingly is often unhappy, feeling threatened, on its guard, and ready to strike when the need arises. Its body gestures, facial expressions, and vocalizations can be telling you and other pets at home only one thing – “Beware!”.

When do cats hiss?

Even the shiest cat in the house can hiss sometimes. Often the reason for hissing will be a distant bird, squirrel on a tree, or people passing by your home.

Also, a cat can hiss when a new furry family member is added to the household. For instance, your cat may pass by the new cat or dog and hiss at them, looking at their face.

Keep introductions brief and gentle, and shower your resident cat with extra love, care, attention, treats, and toys until it gets accustomed to the fresh face in the house.

Stressed out, frustrated, and confused kitties can also hiss a lot. Vet visits can make a cat anxious and constantly hiss, especially if it is its first time.

Cats finding themselves in surprising situations can hiss, and mother cats can defend their litters when bigger animals approach their living areas.

Baby cats hiss at each other during play fights; however, cats of any age can hiss when in pain or hurt. It could be an injury or a health issue; so, should you suspect something unusual about your cat’s behavior, schedule a vet’s appointment immediately.

Pet insurance covers a furball’s medical care during non-routine vet visits and emergencies, so you don’t need to be as worried about the finances involved in getting your cat cured, at least. Contemplate purchasing cat insurance, so you don’t have to compromise health care quality due to potentially hefty vet bills during testing times of health.

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