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Apex Launcher for Android | Latest Update

If you want to change the interface of your Android device, you can install custom launchers. These applications can change the appearance of your homescreen and app drawer and offer advanced options. For example, you can change the animation of your app icons, homescreen backgrounds, and app drawers.  Download Apex Launcher is one such application. It supports the latest Android devices running Android 4.0.3 or later.

The customizability of Apex Launcher

The Apex Launcher for Android offers a great deal of customizability. It allows users to customize many aspects of the home screen, including the app grid size, margins, icon scale, and menu buttons. Users can even change the wallpaper and change the behavior of various components, such as “OK, Google,” and the app drawer.

The Apex Launcher is highly customizable, with thousands of icon packs and themes available for download from the Play Store. It’s also one of the most lightweight launchers for Android, optimized for both smartphones and tablets. It supports gesture operation, including swipe up/down, double-tap, and pinch gestures. Moreover, it’s fully compatible with Android 4.4 and up.

Apex Launcher


Features of Apex Launcher

The Apex Launcher has several features, including the built-in Apex Actions, buttons on the home screen that perform small actions. You can toggle the dock or the status bar and also access the default screen to bring up your home screen. Apart from that, you can customize the icons and other components of the Apex Launcher by using their respective customization tools.

Although Apex Launcher does not receive frequent updates, it has several notable features that can make your Android experience more enjoyable and secure. This launcher is a great choice for Android users who want a pure Android experience. The app is also highly customizable, offers many themes, and works with the most popular devices.

Apex Launcher is a free app, but you can purchase the pro version for more features. The Pro version includes many advanced features, including drawer customization. You can also choose how icons appear and behave and create new folders. In addition, you can change the icon size and number of icons.

Privacy of Apex Launcher

The Apex Launcher for Android privacy is the app to avoid. Its new behavior is unwelcome, and users have complained about it. The app no longer allows users to open Chrome. Instead, they must choose between the Privacy Browser and Chrome. However, the Privacy Browser is marked as “AD” and comes with the tag “Recommend.” Other users complain about typographical errors and the overall presentation of the popup.

It can help you clear up your home screen and hide games and apps. It also makes it easier to customize your screen. Besides, it has advanced gesture control. You can pinch to open settings or double-tap to change features. The Apex Launcher app also lets you customize the controls on your home screen.

Features of Apex Launcher

Another feature of this application is its advanced theme engine. You can customize its appearance with free icon packs. Moreover, you can personalize it by setting the privacy protocols. For instance, you can lock your gallery, pictures, and videos. You can also set Apex Launcher as your default browser.

Another great feature of the Apex Launcher is that it does not require much space. It can be installed quickly and can replace the home screen. It also allows you to customize the names of apps and hide apps. Moreover, it can change the operating system and software features. It offers several different options to make it a more customizable and user-friendly platform.

Another feature of Apex Launcher for Android is that it can access your SMS and calls. It can also access your files and social media conversations. Another downside of third-party apps is that they are not checked by Google, which may harm your phone. They also will not update automatically, and they may contain viruses.

App lock

Apex Launcher is one of the best app locks for Android devices that lets you hide or lock apps. It is compatible with WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger, Snapchat, Instagram, and SMS and can even hide your gallery. It uses advanced security technology to keep your private data secure. The app has many features, including a customizable lock pattern and timer.

It is free to download and allows you to customize the home screen. You can also choose how many icons appear on the dock and customize the size and style of your app drawer grid. You can also lock apps in your gallery or photos and videos. Another feature of Apex Launcher is the ability to set the default browser.

The app lock option allows you to set different passwords for each app. This makes sure that nobody will be able to access your private data. You can also choose from a pattern or fingerprint to lock your app. Moreover, this app lock allows you to set alerts and send error reports when the app is accessed. It also helps you optimize performance and clean up the unnecessary cache.

The function of Apex Launcher

The app lock function is another great feature of Apex Launcher for Android. You can also customize it with different icon packs and effects. You can also use this app lock to hide apps from the app drawer. Moreover, it runs faster and saves memory. Hence, it is a better choice than dedicated apps.

With all of these features, Apex Launcher is a powerful tool for customizing your phone’s interface. It has many free icon packs and wallpapers to make your phone look even more amazing. Moreover, it also provides settings for unlocking apps with fingerprints or iris.


You can import your settings from another launcher if you want to use a completely different launcher on your Android device. However, this process is not without its own challenges. First of all, you will have to back up your desktop data manually. Then, import the file from a supported source.

Once you’ve successfully imported your settings, you can try modifying your Android device with other modification programs. Although the Apex Launcher isn’t perfect, it can make your phone look like a different model. It also has many useful options, such as an animated desktop background and a shortcut to the Quicks Settings menu, which is present on many terminals running Android 4.2.

Is Apex Launcher paid/Free?

Apex Launcher is available in both paid and free versions. It is free to download, but the paid version includes advanced features. It requires Android 4.0.3 or higher and 2,6MB of free space. You should also install the app if you’re using an Ice Cream Sandwich terminal.

There are many different launchers for Android, but the most popular one is Apex Launcher. This popular app is available on Google Play. It is lightweight and offers easy navigation. If you’re looking for a lighter, free launcher, you may want to check out Nova Launcher. It is available for Android and iOS and is one of the fastest.

Apex Launcher allows you to change many cosmetic aspects of the home screen. You can change the size and margins of the app grid, the font of the icon, and the dock settings. Apex also allows you to change the theme, behavior, and icon labels.

Advanced settings

Advanced settings allow you to customize Apex Launcher for Android to your liking. You can alter several aspects of the home screen, including the app grid size, the number of icons, and their position. You can also change how the app drawer looks. The behavior of the icons can also be changed, as can the icon labels.

The advanced settings available in app include a custom theme, an unlimited scrollable dock, horizontal and vertical margins, and additional gestures. The launcher also comes with built-in themes, backup and restore functions, and swipe gestures. You can download Apex Launcher from the Play Store for $8.99.

Apex Launcher Pro

If you want to make the most of the customization options of Apex Launcher, you will need to upgrade to the Pro version. The Pro version offers additional features, including ad-blocking. The app has an excellent Material design interface that closely resembles the design of Google’s Pixel. While Apex Launcher is not as powerful as Google’s stock Android launcher, you can customize the interface with this application.

Advanced settings for Apex Launcher for Android allow you to change the appearance of your home page. For example, you can choose what size widgets appear. The size is based on the size of the home screen grid. Additionally, you can add action shortcuts and change your wallpaper.

You can also customize the appearance of the main interface by changing its colors and textures. The app is an excellent choice for those who want to customize their phones and tablets. It is available in free and paid versions. The free version will work just fine if you use a regular phone. However, the paid version provides more customization options.


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