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Brawlhalla, Ubisoft’s Smash Bros, on mobile

Brawlhalla lands on Android and iOS years after its release. The fighting title, similar in style to Smash Bros, could explode in this format.
After its announcement almost a year ago during the final of the world cup of its esport discipline, Brawlhalla for mobile is now a reality. Starting August 6, Android and iOS users have had the chance to take Ubisoft’s fighting title with them wherever they want .
It was almost the last platform that needed to land , after being released on PC, then on PS4, Xbox One and finally on Nintendo Switch. The beta came out for the first time in 2014, although it would not be until 2017 when the final version was released.
And the news of its mobile version came with a surprise: there will be crossplay , that is, a mobile user, a computer user and a Play user, for example, can face each other in the same game, despite the greater difficulty involved . the handling of the characters on the mobile in that the buttons will be very close together on the touch screen and cannot always be pressed with the precision required at certain times.
Mobile phones will finally receive a fairly complete fighting game , an experience that until now was not available in the digital stores of the two main operating systems and that is excellent news for those who enjoy fighting games and a way to reach an even wider audience that can find in Brawlhalla a different way to entertain themselves

Brawlhalla, an unprecedented mobile experience

Ubisoft’s title will revolutionize the existing library, not because there haven’t been others so far, but because it’s rare to find one with the complexity of a ‘Smash Bros’, the Nintendo title that has given its name to a subgenre of fighting games .
The big difference in this respect to the usual ones is that it is not about reducing the rivals’ health points to 0, but rather the objective is to get them off the field of play .
In fact, the characters do not have life , but a percentage that, the higher it is, the easier it is to land a hit on it and for it to shoot out of the field.
Another differentiating element is that, during combat, objects appear on the map that can be used to reduce health recovery – the percentage we talked about before – or to throw it at the enemy.
Each player begins by fighting only with their fists , although they have access to two weapons with different features (both range and damage and reach) and that appear on the stage over time.
Precisely one of the unknowns is how to fit a game with so many buttons and mechanics such as picking up the weapon, throwing it, the different attacks or jumping, in a mobile version. Unless you add a remote to the phone, it is difficult to operate even on the largest screens.

Brawlhalla characters

In total, there are up to 50 selectable characters , only some of which can be picked up for free from the start. For the rest, users have to invest the money they earn in the game and thus unlock them, although as in League of Legends , each week there is a rotation of fighters that can be tried for free.
The most expensive character is worth 7,200 coins, while the cheapest is available for just 2,300. Although the truth is that it is not too difficult to get money in the game , so it will not be a headache to get the champion you want to play with.
But not all combatants are genuine from the game universe . Ubisoft has made amicable deals with disparate companies to include various protagonists in their title in the form of skins. This is the case of WWE (John Cena and The Rock, among others), Shovel Knight, Hellboy, Adventure Time or Tomb Raider.

the professional scene

Brawlhalla has a larger competitive universe than might be assumed. Every year, he organizes the world championship at DreamHack in Atlanta and his circuit awards more than 300,000 dollars in prizes, a figure that increases each season.
One of the reasons that has helped its development the most is that its online section is well developed and can be enjoyed without lag , something that Smash Bros can not boast of .
In this way, it has not been necessary to organize face-to-face tournaments and little by little it has been able to gain a foothold in esports.
Its arrival on mobile phones may be another circumstance that favors its growth. At the very least, it will be one more way to enjoy a very complete and entertaining fighting game that has undoubtedly enriched the catalog of titles for smartphones .

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