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Chiller Maintenance Checklist: How To Run Chiller Smoothly?

oper chiller maintenance needs an expert team of engineers and they have to keep a wisely prepared checklist to run the chiller smoothly.

Here are some of the chiller maintenance checklists HVAC services in DUBAI put forward to the chiller users.

Chiller Maintenance Checklists

HVAC contractors in Sharjah warn technicians to isolate the chiller unit from the electrical supply before continuing the checks.

   1. Chiller compressor

  • The suction temperature and pressure
  • The discharge temperature and pressure
  • Oil level and pressure
  • Current-voltage and current levels

 2. Chiller Evaporator 

  • Temperature and pressure of Air Inlet and Air Outlet
  • Refrigeration Inlet and Outlet Temperature
  • Insulation Condition

 3. Chiller Condenser

  • Condenser coil condition
  • Air Intake and exhaust temperature
  • Inlet and Outlet refrigeration temperature
  • Fan motor currents, noise and vibration

4. Refrigerant Leak Testing

5. Chiller Water Treatment

6. Chiller AMC

7. Chiller Log Book

Make sure only certified engineers are checking the chiller and they have to go through the chiller log keeping since the last check or commissioning.

Extended warranties and annual maintenance contracts must be properly renewed to ensure the best chiller ac repairing maintenance service.

What is an HVAC system?

HVAC is a common term used by many people but they do not know what it means. Also, how does it work in your home? HVAC (heating, ventilation, and air conditioning) systems are important for the development of mechanical systems that provide warm comfort to passengers who adhere to indoor air quality.
HVAC systems transmit air between indoor and outdoor areas in commercial and residential buildings. System selection of HVAC depends on many factors such as building configuration, weather conditions, and the owner’s wishes.
HVAC systems can be categorized according to the required processes and distribution process. Required procedures include the heating process, cooling process, and ventilation process. Other processes can be added such as humidification and detoxification processes.

The basics equipment of the HVAC system is as follows:

Water chiller
Air filter
Supply provider
Cooling tower
Outdoor air intake
End devices
Restore the air system
Heating and cooling coils
Independent heating or cooling

Fatigue or relief fans as well as a spiritual environment

Mix-air plenum with external air control
Humidification and dehumidification equipment
In residential buildings, each part of your home can be divided, such as a radiant system combined with air conditioning units. However, it is most common in integrated systems such as central heating and AC systems that use a single-stroke system to transmit air through indoor plumbing, or through a wireless system of rooms or various areas in a house. You should set times to adjust and maintain your HVAC services in Dubai from time to time, especially at times when your AC unit is experiencing issues.

The selection of HVAC contractors is an important step in planning.

The selection of HVAC contractors is an important step in planning. The design engineer is responsible for processing various systems and recommends more than one system to meet the purpose and satisfaction of the property owner. HVAC services have heavy responsibilities in terms of installation, maintenance and repair of AC units.

Understand your Air Conditioner

Before hiring any company, you must have a little bit of knowledge about your AC. No need to become an expert, just get the information about the AC and which brand suits best your criteria. The power-efficient AC available in the market is the best option you can opt for. They not only lower the mercury level in your room but also cut down the amount on your electricity bill.

Thus, it is the most important point to know the model available in the market. This will help you when you go for buying the one as you can easily compare them with each other and select the best. Not only this, but it will also help at the time of maintenance.

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