Trendy Cake Decoration Ideas inside the colorful cake boxes

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Every occasion is incomplete without a cake. The product of such great acceptance needs packaging that complements it. Well-designed cake boxes are used for this purpose. Printed cake boxes are a great way to show your creativity and make your brand recognizable to a large audience. They provide a tempting view of the products inside. Moreover, cake boxes are the best way to protect your cakes and deliver them safely to their destination. They protect the cakes from spoilage, mishandling, humidity, and contamination.

Trending Ideas For Cake Inside The Cake Boxes

Most of the cake boxes with windows are preferred by the bakers. This enables the customers to view the marvelous cake decorations. When it comes to decorating cakes, there are endless options. Embellish them with different colored frostings, chocolate chips, sprinkles, candies, icing sugar or whatever you like. They can be decorated according to the theme of the event to add to the festivity. Below are some of the best cake decoration ideas to make your cakes stand out:

Decorate with raspberries

This is a wonderful idea, especially for a pink velvet cake. Decorating it with fresh raspberries, edible flowers, and meringue cookies adds to its attractiveness. It makes the cake look natural and elegant. This decorated velvety cake is a wonderful addition to a bridal shower or a birthday celebration. Enclose them in fascinating birthday cake boxes and let it be one of the biggest surprises of the event.

Create a Rainbow Effect

There are no rules for this cake decoration. Just be playful with different styles of piping tips. Prepare the frosting in a variety of colors to give a rainbow effect. Fill the piping bag with the colored frostings one by one. Change the tips and enjoy the adorable outcome.

Polka Dots Pattern:

This idea can be implemented on any of the frosted cakes. Making sweet polka-dot patterns looks adorably simple. It can be made by pushing a number of upside-down chocolate chips on the sides of a cake. Create a layer of frosting on the top and bottom of the cake by using a piping bag to make it more decorative.

Making Candy Flowers Inside colorful cake boxes

It’s a wonderful idea when it comes to cake decoration. Use the slices of rainbow Twizzlers to turn the sides of your cake into a colorful garden. Arrange them in flower shapes, having a green stem at the bottom to complete the look. You can prepare multi-colored candies at home as well to make these adorable candy flowers. Enclose the cake in colorful party cake boxes to prevent the decoration from smudging all around.

Chocolate Forest Decoration

These tiny forest trees are extremely easy to make. Just pipe the melted chocolate on a non-stick surface and place it in the fridge. You can make the pattern on the aluminum foil. Once it gets cool, pop the trees out of the foil and attach them to the sides of the frosted cake. Place the cake in large custom cake boxes to make them deliverable safely to the destination.

Use flowers and greens

This cake decoration idea works incredibly well for weddings. You can turn a plain white wedding cake into something very special for your partner. The cake looks natural, elegant and classy. It is perfect for a number of compliments from the guests. For floral decoration, prepare the frosting in different delicious flavors. With the help of a piping bag, arrange the flowers on the cake. If your cake is double or triple-layered, you need to enlarge the floral pattern to make it prominent. You may also use natural flowers for this purpose. Greenery is a good choice along with floral decoration. Natural leaves, ferns, olive branches, or rosemary are great choices. Once your cake is ready, enclose it in beautiful wedding cake boxes to delight the guests.




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