Can You Buy Disneyland Tickets at the Gate?


Can You Buy Disneyland Tickets at the Gate?- Do you dream of visiting Disneyland Paris but feel the entrance fee is out of reach? Don’t worry because there is a solution. There are several ways to purchase Disneyland Paris Tickets without physically walking up to the front desk and paying. You can purchase an Annual Pass for Disneyland Paris ticket online through the official website, make it more affordable by buying your Disneyland tickets online, or even go down the rabbit hole searching for some pre-purchased Annual Passes that have escaped onto eBay.

This blog post will be dedicated to exploring how to secure a ticket for Disneyland Paris, allowing you to decide which option is the best fit for your family.

Remember: Park tickets are per person, even children. Make sure that you do not purchase more tickets than you actually need. However, if children attend at a discounted rate, purchase the tickets accordingly (for example, two adult tickets and two child passes).

First up, the Annual Passes, Disneyland Paris offers two Annual Passes: Disney’s Plus and Disney’s Annual Passport, which provide unlimited access to the entire park. They both cost roughly $329 per person. While the Plus is good for one year, the Annual Passport can be purchased for either 12 months ($599) or 24 months ($1299).

Once you’ve purchased your Annual Pass, simply present it to the Cast Member at the front gate, and you will be granted access. You may be asked to show your ID before receiving your ticket, but this is done to ensure that no one takes advantage of the fact that they got their ticket through a different method than they physically paid for.

While this method is viable, if you are looking for a more affordable option, Disney has made it possible to purchase tickets directly through the Disneyland website. Both one-day and multi-day passes can be purchased through the Disneyland Paris website. The one-day tickets start at a base price of $68 per person for a one-day adult ticket or $55 for a one-day child ticket.

We all know that a simple visit to Disneyland Paris is not as simple as “one day”. A whole vacation should include two nights in the park, and there are some really affordable ways to make this happen.

The Disney’s Plus Annual Passport comes with the following benefits:

  • Unlimited visiting hours at Disneyland Paris. It can be used at any time during the day, including evenings. The ticket is valid for one year from the date of purchase. It can be used consecutively with other tickets purchased within 12 months.
  • Continuous access to all attractions on site (except for Race Through New Orleans). This includes all rides, shows, shops and restaurants. It excludes live shows in Fantasia Gardens Theater and Tomorrowland Speedway.
  • One complimentary pass for a friend, partner or family. This pass can be used on different dates.
  • Exclusive discounts at Disneyland Paris shops, restaurants and hotels, as well as in the resort area of Marne-la-Vallee.
  • Disneyland Paris Park Hopper tickets are also available when purchasing this annual pass.

Disney’s Annual Passport does not need an explanation because you have already read about it in the above paragraph.

The Disney Plus Passport is available online through the official Disneyland Paris website. A price tag of $329 per person is required, with a $25 handling fee added on top. The passes can be purchased online or at the ticket booths at the park.

So which option do you choose? Well, it all depends on how many people will join you and how much you plan to spend. If you’re travelling alone, purchasing a Disneyland Paris ticket online is the way. Purchasing an Annual Pass will be the most economical option if you plan on taking a trip with others or a larger group. However, if you’re not quite sure how many days you will be staying at Disneyland Paris and want to purchase just one day of tickets at a time, this is also an option.

Visit their official website for more information about purchasing Disneyland Paris tickets online.

The final way to purchase tickets for Disneyland Paris is to search eBay. A number of people have purchased their tickets with this method and have the current prices listed at the time of writing this article. Remember that the ticket you get on eBay may not be as legit as a ticket you would buy from the park itself, so remember to do your due diligence and ensure that you’re getting what you paid for.

To sum up, Disneyland Paris tickets can be purchased easily through any of these methods. Also, suppose your tickets are eligible for a Disney Plus or Annual Passport. In that case, you can get a discount on the tickets through or the Disneyland Paris ticket booths. This blog post will be dedicated to exploring how to secure a ticket for Disneyland Paris, allowing you to decide which option is the best fit for your family.

Have you purchased tickets for Versailles Place Tour through any of these methods? Have you gone the “official route” and paid the total price? Are there other things you should be doing to save money on your visits to Disneyland Paris? Let me know in the comments!

Thanks for reading; see ya around! 😎


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