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Explainer Video: A New Marketing Trend To Follow 

Marketing is the most influential part of businesses and a broad term to explore. From a small startup struggling to get attention to the firms working on expanding to other states, Marketing is the root of growth for everyone. Advertising and marketing have always been part of the business growth strategy. However, the following years of relying on technology have added new trends to the marketing plan. 

Did you know that marketers today have prioritized explainer videos amongst all other marketing strategies? The answer simply lies in their ability to draw viewers’ attention and artistically simplify the concept. Your audience trusts you on your vision, services, quality, and how you connect with them. Any explainer video production company’s effort into coming up with 60 seconds video exemplifies your effort to interact with your target audience. 

Why Explainer Videos?

Living in a digital world with the bombardment of abundant knowledge mandates every business to distinguish itself in the deliverance of information. It has become too challenging to apprehend your audience’s attention in one try. However, the explainer video has made it easier to interact with viewers in the shortest time possible. In addition, it has been catering to numerous purposes. 

Simplify the concepts

Some concepts are easy to convey and thus only require a few words to make them understandable to people reading. However, certain complex concepts are tough to convey. Explainer videos are the spokesman of ideas that words can’t explain. It can simplify complex content and make it easily comprehensible for people. 

Explainer videos are more compelling when marketing your businesses and brand to attract the audience to dig into what you are offering. Lengthy texts and images can be boring at moments. In contrast, explainer videos never disappoint you. 

Captures viewers’ attention 

User engagement is the crucial indicator of defining your business growth. Explainer videos incorporate all the features that facilitate user engagement, from creating engaging characters to striking visuals. 

A 60 to the 120-second video has the power to grab the attention of the viewers and ultimately lead to customer interaction. People prefer watching videos that can answer all their queries, and there’s no method better than explainer videos to serve the purpose. 

Easy to share

If you have put your time and money into creating an explainer video, you would definitely want to share it on your social media. Social networking is at the heart of all marketing strategies. It is easy to share your explainer video across all social media platforms.

Social media can make anything go viral in seconds; let your video be one of those most viewed and viral things to get the attention of millions of users from around the world. 

 Increased conversion rate 

Texting and emailing the target audience cannot cater to the huge audience on the large. However, an explainer video can get your message delivered to the audience globally. Eventually, increasing the possibilities of an increased conversion rate. 

Explainer videos increase brand awareness, introduce your brand to the audience or convey new offers. Delivering essential information increases the chances of people taking action and influencing their decision-making. 

Increased SEO rank

Google is the home of all businesses. People look for google search when hunting for any professional service or quality product. In addition, SEO has been helping businesses to rank their websites at the top, and videos are the greatest source of enhancing SEO rank. 

Videos on your website can reduce the bounce rate because people tend to watch the video. Subsequently, it increased the time they spent on your site. Appealing videos sustain the viewers’ interest and increase your rank on google. 

Building trust 

Your explainer video is compelling and informational. It also conveys the benefits you are offering to the viewers. Your effort in conveying the message is visible, and ultimately it helps them trust you with your efforts in offering quality products and services. It is the reason why businesses look for professional explainer video production companies to put their heart and soul into creating a single video. 

Explainer video directs customers’ decision on why they should choose you over others. In addition, expressing a brand’s personality builds confidence and trust with the intended audience and makes communication easier. 

Adding Value For Your Viewers

The world of animation is as vast as the world because every individual has different thoughts that wish to bring life. The more the ideas, the more the world of animation grows. However, businesses have become the center of the animation world because of their contribution. 

The explanation has been made easier with explainer videos that let you voice yourself creatively and distinctively. With the bundle of advantages, the explainer video has opened doors to new possibilities for connecting with people.

Create your story, artistically illustrate it and connect with people.

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