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Four Things to Remember When Visiting Morocco

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  1. Dress up properly

First things first, appropriately dressed people enjoy the real essence of being in Morocco. So now you shouldn’t be only appropriately dressed but also adequately dressed. On that note, opt for wrinkle-free fabrics as they are loose and breathable enough to keep you within comfort. Also, choose the favourites from your wardrobe as you will feel confident in your best dresses, truth be told.

Also, wear dresses in different layers. Layered dresses are appropriate when someone is travelling as they can be removed on purpose and depending on requirements.

You will be visiting mosques. So, we suggest you wear dresses that cover you up to your ankles. You may also want to keep a shawl.

  1. Carry enough local currency notes

You can make purchases through your credit card only in big shops. However, if you are attracted to certain items from small markets and vendors, you must pay them in cash. In that case, you must pay them in local currency. Therefore, we recommend you to keep the exchange of at least a hundred euros every day to be on the safe side. Also, there will be a low chance of meeting someone from your own country from whom you can borrow money. So, keep enough local currency with yourself.

  1. Do not count on ATMs

Morocco has bad news with ATMs. The ATMs frequently run out of money and do not replenish them any sooner. However, you can exchange money at the front desk of a local hotel. After reading this blog, you will keep enough cash saved before you step into Morocco. However, you should not be counting on local ATMs to keep you informed of the same. Also, if you are thinking of using traveller’s cheques, you might find it hard to cash your traveller’s cheques in Morocco.

  1. Improve your bargaining skills

Haggling must be on your to-do list if you plan to visit Morocco. This even holds when you plan to buy something at more extensive markets. If you are not accustomed to bargaining, you should start working on it. Bargaining skills are necessary when travelling to Morocco as visitors are quickly robbed of money at markets. The sellers keep the prices of dresses and other items above the regular rates, as selling is like a national sport to the Moroccon sellers. Also, bargaining is a part of their culture. So, to be on the same page with them in bargaining, you must also show them the same skills.

In conclusion,

So, when are you planning to visit Morocco? If you have enough time in hand, you need to learn the skills that have been mentioned in this article. And if you are running short on time, at least remember the skills and use them tactfully in the country.

Summary: Hopefully, the tips mentioned in this article will help you get the most out of your trip and save you a lot of money. Keep these four-pointers in mind the next time you leave for Morocco.

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