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Top Things To Do In Kagoshima, Japan

One of the most beautiful spots to begin a trip to the island of Kyushu in Japan is the bustling city of Kagoshima, which serves as the capital of the larger Kagoshima prefecture and is also the name of the prefecture itself.

However, famous as one of the best destinations that give you a mesmerizing feeling. Not only the technological wonders, but these places also highlighted the island nation on the map. So, if you are wondering about visiting there soon. Without any doubt, start planning, book all nippon airways reservations in any class and save up to 50% off on round trips on every flight. To assist you, read on to find out more before you visit Japan:

The following is a list of the top 15 things to do in the city of Kagoshima

Take a boat over

If you want to see the Sakurajima volcano in all of its splendor but don’t feel like hiking, you can take a ferry from Kagoshima Port to the island where the volcano is located. The island is called Sakurajima Island.

Visit Shiroyama Park

Shiroyama Park The Shiroyama Observatory is the primary attraction in Kagoshima’s Shiroyama Park, which is a pleasant little park in the city.

What you see here is consistent with what you find elsewhere in the city. The Satsuma Rebellion, which took place in 1887, took place at this location, making it another one of the most significant historical sites in Kagoshima. It is said that Saigo Takamori, a local citizen of Kagoshima who participated in the uprising, battled to his death as a member of the uprising in a cave within the park that is now known as Saigo Cave. This cave bears his name and is connected to the story of Saigo Takamori.

Sengan can be explored on foot

Sengan-en is a stunning part of the gardens located in Kagoshima. It was established in 1658 and is also known by the name Iso-teien. Even though a Shimazu lord would have been responsible for the creation of the gardens back then, their current level of beauty is on par with what it would have been back then.

Explore Shoko Shuseikan

The Shoko Shuseikan is located in Kagoshima and was formerly the site of the first factory in Japan, which was thought to have been operational in the 1850s.

The museum is well-known for the antiquities it houses that are associated with the Shimazu family, which was prominent in Kagoshima. The museum’s holdings contain almost 10,000 unique items, some of which are stunning examples of calligraphy, ceramics, and glassware.

Attend Sogadon-no-Kasayaki

If you find yourself in Kagoshima in the month of July, make it a point not to miss the Sogadon-no-Kasayaki festival, which is one of the city’s most well-known events and attractions. At this event, which is also known as the Umbrella Flaming Festival, participants carry burning umbrellas with them as they make their way down the Kotsuki-gawa River. Mythology has it that two brothers once utilized umbrellas as torches in ancient times. This legend, which is also an interesting tale of sibling rivalry and trickery, serves as the basis for this ceremony.

It is recommended that you pay a visit to Tsurumaru Castle, which is famous for being the castle that is thought to have belonged to the Shimazu family. However, it is thought that Tsurumaru Castle, like many other castles in Japan, was demolished during that time period. The only original elements that are still standing are the moat and the outer wall of the castle. In spite of this, it is regarded as a significant landmark in the city, and it is also the location of a small museum; therefore, it is highly recommended that you pay it a visit if you are in the area.

Taking a trip via train

Taking a train ride across Kyushu, which is widely considered to be one of the most beautiful regions in all of Japan, is among the top things to do if you find yourself in this area of Japan. The Hisatsu line is the most well-known railway in this area. From here, one can travel to adjacent cities and towns like Yoshimatsu and Hitoyoshi. You will be able to appreciate the splendor of this region of Japan without having to travel too far, and you will be able to make the journey along the train line and back within the same day.

Have some of the regional libations

Shochu, which has a similar appearance to vodka and is produced in Kagoshima, is one of the most well-known alcoholic beverages in all of Japan. You can find this drink, which is produced from sweet potatoes and is sometimes also referred to as imo-jochu, all across the city.


The magnificent Sakurajima volcano, which rises right next door, is the city’s primary claim to fame. However, the city is also a wonderful resting location for those who wish to tour Okinawa’s neighboring islands. So why wait? Plan a trip to Japan with AirlinesMap and have the best vacation to experience all that Japan has to offer. Bon Voyage..!

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