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By AlexJames

How To Choose the Best Eye Shadow Makeup?

Eye shadow will help to emphasize the cut of the eyes and make their color more expressive. But the wow effect will be only if the shade is chosen correctly. Bad eye makeup can ruin your whole look. Let’s look at how to choose eyeshadow to always look your best.

How To Choose Eye Shadow: 5 Main Rules

High-quality base shadows will help you out when creating not only everyday make-up but also complex evening ones. In order not to make a mistake with the choice, follow the simple rules:

  • Consider the shape of the eyes and the shape of the eyelid, for this, carefully consider your own close-up photo, you can take a selfie. With the impending century, mother-of-pearl shadows are contraindicated so as not to focus attention on them. If the eyes are too close or too close, then you should not choose very dark shadows, especially for smokey eyes.
  • Test the nude shade on the skin of the inside of the wrist. The correct color should be 1-2 shades darker.
  • Bright colors should contrast with the shade of the eyes. To do this, use the color wheel and choose tones that are on the opposite side of your eye color. Neighboring shades make the look tired and inexpressive and add age.
  • Choose well-pigmented shadows that will keep the color vibrant throughout the day. To do this, draw shadows on the brush and draw a line along the wrist. A good product will leave a uniform color line, regardless of its length.
  • Check the quality. The smaller the grains of shadows, the better they will lie on the eyelids. Dry shadows should be silky, and creamy should be uniform. Shadows should not crumble and lie down with gaps.

Eye shadow color

Choosing an eyeshadow color is considered the most obvious, but this is the best way to find an option that really suits you. The shade of the shadows is chosen according to the principle of contrast using the color wheel. Let’s see which shadows suit which eyes, and which ones should say a categorical “No!”:

  • Green – purple, pink, copper, bronze, burgundy, chocolate. Not suitable: blue and green.
  • Blue – peach, bronze, shades of yellow, brown, orange-pink. Not suitable: cold blue, lilac, blue and green shades.
  • Grays are warm yellows, oranges, pinks, bronzes, and golds. Not suitable: cold blues and greens.
  • Karim – green, purple, blue, brown, lilac, bronze, dark gray, and various bright shades. Not suitable: pink, red, peach.

Advice! The color of the shadows should be darker than the eyes, otherwise, the look will become dull and tired.

If you don’t know how to match eyeshadow to your eye color, you can get a custom eyeshadow palette. With the custom palettes, you will find complex shades for all eye colors, as well as universal nude ones. The shadows are resistant to moisture, they do not fade, and do not roll or smudge throughout the day, eliminating the need to constantly touch up makeup.

What kind of shadows to choose?

And finally, consider how to choose eyeshadows for texture and coverage.

The texture of the shadows is:

  • Liquid – with their help, you can make eyeliner and accentuate makeup.
  • Creamy – easy to blend and provide rich deep color. Available in the form of palettes and sticks.
  • Dry – the most versatile, suitable for eyes of different shapes and colors. Easy to apply and blend.

There are also mineral, baked, and crumbly shadows, which are applied according to the dry principle.

Now let’s learn how to choose eye shadow by coverage:

  • Matte – Provides an even, opaque finish that doesn’t reflect light. Suitable for the smokey eye technique, often used in schemes of several shades.
  • Satin – creates a creamy or satiny finish with a slight shimmer without shine.
  • Mother-of-pearl – shining and shiny, suitable for evening make-up and accents in the daytime.

For every day, matte shadows of a creamy or dry texture are best suited. When creating evening make-up, you can experiment by trying liquid, mother-of-pearl, and satin shades in bold shades.


Now that you know how to choose eye shadow, it’s time to start creating makeup using eye shadow.


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