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How to Prepare English for Competitive Exams

The desire to get a competitive position compels a wide number of individuals to study for competitive exams. If you are similarly inspired by the trend, brace yourself because the competition will be fierce. However, keep in mind that the competitive exams exams your knowledge in a variety of topic areas. The English language is one of the core subjects on competitive exams that assess fundamental language skills. If you are seeking for preparation suggestions for the English portion of competitive exams, you have come to the right place. Then, continue reading this post since it contains good ideas for preparing for the English portion of competitive exams.

Are you aiming for the highest possible bank exam rank? If you answered yes, then you must allot sufficient time to study for each exam topic. Then and only then can you make your idea a reality. To give each topic of the SSC CGL exams equal attention, you may contact the finest platform that gives the best SSC CGL coaching.


Check out the following preparation recommendations for the English portion of the competitive exams:


Access the curriculum

To your information, the commission will post the course outlines for all competitive exams subjects. Obtain a paper copy of the English section’s curriculum by accessing it online. Ensure that what you are studying closely relates to the topics on the course outline. You cannot choose to study anything not in the exam’s curriculum until the exam is over.


Daily newspaper reading

There is a possibility that you will be given some paragraphs to grasp in the English part in order to evaluate your reading abilities. Believe us when we say that if you know how to read the daily newspaper, it will help you ace your exams. Determine which articles pertain to your exam preparations. This will assist you in preparing for two portions in total. Don’t miss your daily newspaper for whatever reason.


Learn five new words a day

If you review the papers from the previous year, you will see that your vocabulary knowledge is assessed through synonyms, comprehension passages, or by directly asking you the meaning of the terms. Therefore, you must concentrate on expanding your vocabulary. Establish a regular schedule for learning three terms, together with their definitions and usages. Also, make time to study synonyms and antonyms to improve your performance on the English portion of competitive exams.


Last year’s publications

Examine the previous year’s exams to have a clear sense of the type of material you must really study. You will learn the most often asked-about issues over the previous several years. In addition, you will become familiar with the format and difficulty of the questions. To improve your performance on the real exams, you must review the previous year’s exam questions. The previous year’s exam questions are the greatest way to determine what the English component of competitive exams truly assesses.



Mock test

Regularly completing practise exams for three months is an additional effective method for enhancing exam performance. When you complete the practise exams, you are not simply examine your knowledge. In fact, you have the chance to enhance your speed while rephrasing the question and selecting the correct response. Know that the exam questions are posed in a manner designed to confuse the students. A candidate must have sufficient knowledge to comprehend the question’s emphasis. He will develop proficiency in the skill by completing practise exams. Attempt to obtain 30 minutes for practise exams.

Do not prepare for the SSC exams in a haphazard manner. Prepare for the SSC exams with the correct strategy led by highly educated experts from an amazing platform that provides the finest SSC coaching in Delhi.



Unquestionably, students are need to prepare equally for each component of the exam. You cannot choose to focus on only one part. You must allocate equal amounts of time to the preparation of each topic for competitive exams. Only then will you be able to effectively navigate competitive exams.

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