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Solutions To Unfreeze Android Phones With Cell Phone Store Beddington

Smartphones have become an important part of our lives, but they also face some difficulties and challenges. There is no gadget in the world that is invincible. Users become devastated when they can’t be able to use their phones due to any reason. Sometimes the devices become unresponsive, but you shouldn’t panic if it freezes because, in this article, you will get to know how you can unfreeze your device. The freezing issue can occur due to app crashes and corrupt apps. People buy expensive flagship phones nowadays, and seeing them not working makes you hate your gadget. Would you want to hate a $1000 worth of phone? Whatever the reason, you can fix the issue with a few simple fixes advised by Cell N Tech, a cell phone repair shop in Beddington BLVD NW

Reasons Your Phone Freezes?

There can be different reasons behind the freezing of your phone. It might be possible that you have low storage in your phone, thus causing the errors. Low Ram is another reason behind your phone freezing. Downloading some apps can kill your Ram, and you can also face errors. It is always suggested to keep your software updated to avoid issues that freeze your smartphone, including malware and virus infection. 

Restart Your Phone

If you suspect that your phone is going through any of the above-mentioned problems, it is suggested that you go for a restart. Restarting and rebooting the phone when your phone freezes and you can’t tap on anything helps your phone to respond and a safe access. In Android, you can click the power button for a few seconds until it restarts. Tap on the power off option on your screen and shut it down. Doing this will eliminate all the errors, bugs, viruses, cookies, caches, temps and glitches. 

Do A Force Restart

If the simple restart doesn’t work and the problem is still here, you must try and force restart the smartphone. Force restarting is different in various devices. In Android you have to press and hold the sleep button along with volume down or up button until it shts down. Keep pressing these two buttons continuously until the phone restarts and boots up. Now check if the issue is resolved or still needs some assistance. If the issue is present, you must take your phone to a cell phone repair center and let them resolve the issue with the best of their understanding and abilities. 

Charge Your Smartphone

According to phone repairs Beddington BLVD NW, if you are facing freezing issues with your mobile phone, it is suggested that you charge your phone or plug it in charger. It might be possible that your phone has a low charging due to which it is not responding. Once you put it on charger, you will see that the problem will be gone. If the problem is gone, you would the the source of issue behind it. If the problem still persists and your phone doesn’t charge, you can try changing the charger. Remember to charge your device with an authentic and genuine charger so that it doesn’t affect your battery. 

Force Stop The Frozen App

Sometimes, not only your phone freezes but also there are a few apps that freezes suddenly and get stuck in the background. You might press a center or home button and think that the app has ceased working and functioning, but in reality the app might be working in the background. That is why it is better to close the apps from the background. All you need to do is go to the menu, click on apps, and select the app that is causing issues with your phone. Tap and uninstall it from your phone immediately to make it stop causing issues. You can update the app and download it later sometime as suggested by cell phone repair Beddington BLVD NW

Free Up The Phone Storage

One of the major reasons behind phone freezing is the full storage. Sometimes the phone gets so full of images, videos and files that it starts acting up strangely and get freezes. To solve the issue, it is necessary to free up the storage. According to cell phone repairs beddington BLVD NW, you must delete unwanted files to make a sufficient storage capacity to save temporary files and load the apps. To keep your phone running at a good speed, you have to have a at least 1GB memory free. If you have less than that, no wonder your phone is acting up. 

Update the Android

If your smartphone is encountering issues related to its responsiveness, it’s time to update your phone. Updating allows your phone to perform in an optimum condition. Whenever any update comes, it is suggested that you download and install it to get rid of freezing and unresponsive issues. You must also update all the apps downloaded in your phone because an outdated app is no good for an updated software. Therefore, if you don’t wanna face compatibility issues, you must update the apps and your phone, restart it and finish the process. 

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