Spot These Signs of Squirrel in your House

Signs of Squirrel in your House

Squirrels are considered the cutest animals from the rodent family and do not create a massive mess compared to rats. Though if they have made their way into your house, they can give rise to multiple problems simultaneously. Squirrels are considered to be highly active rodents, and they like to chew on anything that comes their way.

Two primary things that a squirrel looks for are food and shelter, which are readily available in our house. Squirrels like hiding in the house’s dark and cold corners, like walls, cupboards, and ceilings. Not taking preventive measures to terminate these rodents can lead to an infestation and a sudden increase in the population of these animals. There are professional animal control centers that provide services for squirrel removal in Columbia, MD if you start noticing the signs we are about to discuss in this post.

Three Signs that Your House Has Squirrels in It.

Chewed Items in the House

One of the most noticeable signs of squirrels being present in the house is noticing chewed-up items. Squirrels belong to the family of rodents, and rodents are well known to bite things up to make their teeth strong and prevent the excessive growth of teeth. So, it is highly common for you to notice things in your house that are chewed up. It can be clothes, furniture, roofs, wires, books, etc.

Noticing torn insulation

Squirrels like to live in nests that are warm and cozy. To build their nests, they tend to collect pieces of insulation from your property and use them for building their nests. Not only insulation but also wires, twigs, stems from trees, and leaves. If you notice such items lying around your house, this can be a sign of squirrel infestation.

Squirrel Droppings

Squirrels tend to litter a lot to mark their territory from others, and often you can smell the pungent odor from their droppings. Moreover, their dropping is quite noticeable to the human eye easily. Squirrel droppings look like small tiny droplets, similar to the structure of brown seeds. So, if you have been smelling a pungent odor in your house and noticing these tiny droppings, this is yet another sign of squirrel infestation.

When we start noticing these signs of squirrel infestation, our first line of defense would be to adopt the DIY approach. But the harsh truth is the DIY approach will take you no further. Your house would need a permanent fix to avoid the infestation of squirrels, as it would be an overwhelming and complex task to find the squirrel’s nest and eliminate it. So, contacting a professional to remove such rodents from your house is always suggested.

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